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The Results of the #MyGlasgowGallery Competition

Last week, after a year in the works, we were thrilled to open our brand new state of the art Nissan dealership in the heart of Glasgow, at a launch party hosted by six-time Olympic Gold Medallist and Nissan brand ambassador, Sir Chris Hoy and Michelin-starred restaurateur and television chef, Tom Kitchin. It’s not every day that you get to be in the company of an Olympian; it’s even less common that you witness one competing in the famous omelette challenge!

To begin our new chapter in Glasgow, we asked for people to send in photos that they felt best expressed the city’s spirit and daily life. We’d like to thank everyone who submitted entries: the quality and number of responses we received was brilliant and we had an excellent time looking through all of the many different ways that you uniquely see your city. The winner of our competition was Glasgow-based photographer, Sherrie Higgins. We were able to catch up with Sherrie, and speak to her about her interest in photography, experience of Glasgow and inspiration behind the winning shot.

Sherrie’s interest in photography developed on a festive trip to Lapland two Christmases ago with her then-boyfriend, now fiancée, for which they bought a camera to take in the sights. Returning to the UK, Sherrie kept the photos coming. The high quality of her photographs prompted friends to encourage her to take to the camera professionally, which she’s been doing since April this year under the name of Shots by Sherrie!

“Photography is about finding stories,” Sherrie said to us. “It’s about the people, for me, rather than the architecture. If I had taken a photograph of Buchanan Street” – referring to her winning picture –“at four o’clock in the morning, it just wouldn’t have stood out at all. It’s the photo’s sense of people, its spirit and busyness.”

A picture speaks a thousand words, and Sherrie’s photographs are testament enough to her talent for photographing an array of contexts, locales and settings. However, with former experience of working in a nursery, Sherrie’s specialism lies specifically in ASN photography, taking photos of children who need a level of care and support that many photographers may be untrained, unable or unwilling to provide. “If children don’t like the flash, I’m able to say, I get it,” Sherrie said. “I’m willing to be adaptable and always work around it.” Sherrie’s work involves a great amount of care; personalising the approach to each and every unique photoshoot allows her to take valuable and personal photos as a result.

The event of the launch, Sherrie said, provided her with an excellent opportunity to showcase her work, whilst also being a thoroughly enjoyable and well-spirited night, with a charity auction being held that donated all proceeds to the children’s charity Cash for Kids. “The more people I talked to,” Sherrie said, “the more people I was able to tell –‘This is who I am and this is what I do’.”

“I was both absolutely shocked and really thrilled when I got the message that my photo had won,” Sherrie said. “Winning was a lovely affirmation – it was being told, ‘You can do it!’ and that was really quite powerful at this time in my life, young and getting married. It was a lovely Christmas present!” With her wedding coming up in the very near future, Sherrie said that she plans to divide the prize money evenly between wedding costs and more photography equipment, “to buy some items that I need but haven’t been able to get.”

We were delighted to be able to speak with Sherrie, whose interest in the people of Glasgow is so earnest, generous and benevolent. You can take a look at Sherrie’s winning My Glasgow Gallery photograph above, and you can also check out her portfolio here.

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