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Ban On Petrol And Diesel Car Sales To Be Brought Forward To 2035 In The UK

Ban On Petrol And Diesel Car Sales To Be Brought Forward To 2035 In The UK

The UK government has announced that they plan to bring forward the ban on new petrol, diesel and hybrid car sales by five years.

Originally, the ban was meant to be actioned by 2040, however, the new plan is to bring the ban forward to 2035 under new government plans.   

The decision came after experts revealed it would be too late to wait until 2040 if the UK wants to reach its target of zero emissions by 2050. The concern about leaving the ban until 2040 means there will still be petrol and diesel cars on the road after the 2050 deadline.

Sales of new hybrid vehicles will also be included in the ban, meaning electric and hydrogen powertrains will be the only vehicles available once the ban is in place.

The proposal will be highlighted later by Boris Johnson at a launch event ahead of a United Nations climate conference in November. The Prime Minister will explain how this ban will “step up” the UK’s goal of protecting the environment and helping towards tackling climate change.

However, the proposal to bring the ban forward will need much consideration, with a few conflicting views deriving from this proposal.

Mike Childs from Friends of the Earth, agrees with the government’s plan to bring forward the ban but feels 2030 would be better.

He said: “A new 2035 target will still leave the UK in the slow-lane of the electric car revolution and meantime allow more greenhouse gases to spew into the atmosphere.”

However, AA president, Edmund King said: “Drivers support measures to clean up air quality and reduce CO2 emissions but these stretched targets are incredibly challenging."

The November conference, known as COP26, will be held in Glasgow and will be a good opportunity for the UK and other nations to tackle climate change together.  For now, Boris will outline the policy later at the event to launch COP26.

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