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We can all agree that our magnificent NHS staff and volunteers are doing amazing work in caring for COVID-19 patients.

That's why we've launched a challenge among our colleagues, to see how much we can give back - and you can get involved too!

We knew that many of our NHS heroes would need our help to stay on the road, so we opened up most of our service departments to support them - but we didn't want to stop there!

We launched the Haircuts for Heroes challenge, with the aim of raising £20,000 for NHS Charities Together where monies raised will go towards supporting those on the front line.

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What is the 'Haircuts For Heroes Challenge'?

With hairdressers and barbers temporarily shut, many of us are having to resort to DIY methods of keeping our hair looking respectable(ish) - and some of us are even opting for a totally new look!

When you chop, snip, trim or dye your hair (or beard!), we're asking our colleagues and friends to donate a portion of what they would have spent at the barbers/hairdressers and put it towards raising vital funds to support our NHS. Join in the fun!

How to join in on the challenge.

Simply copy and paste the text below, attach your before and after images then hit post on social media!
See image for example.

social media example

Keeping your hair on? You can still make a donation!

If you're hanging on to your luscious locks for the time being, you can still make a donation.

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