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Toyota Business Contract Hire Offers

We offer a wide range of flexible business finance options across a range of Toyota vehicles, through KINTO UK Limited.

KINTO UK Limited is a trusted financial services provider that’s part of the Toyota Group.

Whether you require one vehicle or an entire fleet, we are here to help! We strive to deliver an unparalleled customer experience, allowing you to lease with confidence.

What is Business Contract Hire?

Business Contract Hire is a type of finance agreement. It allows companies to lease vehicles for a set period at a fixed monthly cost.

The business pays an initial rental fee, followed by fixed monthly rental payments for the duration of the contract (usually 12 – 60 months). At the end of the contract, the vehicle can be returned. So, there's no need to worry about depreciation or residual value risk.

Benefits of Business Contract Hire

  • Simplified budgeting due to fixed monthly costs.
  • Tailored plans are adaptable to your business needs.
  • Access to new vehicles with the option to upgrade at the end of the contract.
  • Additional services including maintenance packages and roadside assistance available.
  • VAT is reclaimable at 50% for car rentals and 100% for van rentals.

How Business Contract Hire works

Lease a brand-new vehicle with Business Contract Hire in three easy steps.

First, you need to select the model(s) that you would like to lease, and set the initial rental fee, mileage limits, and length of contract. This will determine the cost of your monthly rental payments.

You will then pay fixed monthly rentals for the duration of your agreement.

Once the contract comes to an end (and you have made all the payments), you can hand your vehicle(s) back.

Browse our current Business Contract Hire offers to find the plan that works for you.

Corporate carpooling

KINTO Join is a handy carpooling app that’s set to revolutionise the way your employees travel to work.

It allows co-workers to connect and share their daily commutes. Employers can offer driver incentives, such as priority parking. All while helping reduce your company’s CO2 footprint.

Coming soon

Discover the upcoming KINTO services that you will soon be able to benefit from.


KINTO Go will provide corporate and personal travel solutions, tailored to your needs.

Get from A to B effortlessly, whether you travel by taxi, rental bike, or public transport. Leave your car at home and trust KINTO Go to get you to your destination efficiently and affordably.

Car sharing

KINTO Share will allow individuals to benefit from the use of a hybrid or electric vehicle without any ownership costs.

Whether you need to nip to the shops or get to a meeting, access the right car whenever you need it.

Flexible car subscription

KINTO Flex will take you above and beyond traditional leasing solutions. Get the car you need delivered to your door, in just a few clicks.

Servicing, insurance, and taxes will be included in your fixed monthly fee. So, all you need to do is add fuel and go!

To learn more about the services available and how we can help, please contact us today.