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Why choose Macklin Motors for your car service?

First class work

Top quality work

Our skilled technicians are trained to manufacturer standards.

Car Servicing

Latest equipment

To help us quickly and efficiently complete all work.

Premium parts

Manufacturer parts

Manufacturer approved parts designed for your car.

Wash & Vac

Wash & vac

We'll wash and vacuum your car before handing the keys back.

What are the different car services you offer?

With our range of services, you can keep your car running safely and smoothly all year round.

Routine service


Service and MOT

Seasonal check

Health check

Tyre check

Accident and repairs

Manufacturer recalls

What can you expect from a service at Macklin Motors?

Customer service

Fantastic customer service

Our friendly team can support you with any advice you need.

Honest pricing

Fair pricing

Our pricing is competitive, and anything quoted is the final price.

Approved part

Manufacturer trained technicians

Our highly skilled technicians use only genuine parts.

Ready to book?

To get started and book your next car service or MOT, simply enter your reg below.

Depending on your needs, two types of car services are available - interim and full servicing. Learn more about which one is best for you below. Whichever you decide to go for, it will also include a full health check.

  • Interim Service

    Interim service

    We would recommend an interim service every six months if you drive a lot of miles. This checks that all key components are working as they should. We'll also change your engine oil and replace your oil filter.

  • Full Service

    Full service

    A full service is the most common type of car service. For cars with average mileage, it's recommended that you get a full service annually. It's a more thorough check of your car and includes engine oil, oil filter, and air filter changes.

Each manufacturer has different recommendations on servicing based on time and mileage. Always be sure to check your vehicle handbook for specific guidance on your car.

Still not sure which car service you need? Get in touch with our friendly customer service team who will be able to help.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is it important to service my car?

Regular servicing helps to keep your car running safely and smoothly. It also reduces your chances of an accident or breakdown as a result of worn, damaged, or unsafe parts. You'll also be able to show a full-service history. This shows that your car has been well looked after and means you could get a higher valuation if you decide to sell it.

How often does my car need servicing?

It's important to follow your manufacturer's recommended guidance on servicing. This can be found in your owner's manual or the manufacturer's website.

Why should I choose Macklin Motors for my car service?

Trust that your car is in good hands with Macklin Motors. As part of one of the UK's largest motor retail groups, we have dealerships across Scotland and beyond. Our manufacturer trained technicians use the latest tools and technology.

This allows them to complete all work quickly and efficiently. If you need any support, our customer service team is also available seven days a week.

We know life is busy and that's why we have dedicated areas if you decide to wait while your car is being serviced. Relax with complimentary refreshments and Wi-Fii. Many of our dealerships also have hot desk facilities and children's play areas.

How can I book a car service?

You can book your next car service using our online booking form.

Do you service all manufacturers?

Yes! Our technicians can service any car make or model at our dealerships.

What kind of service does my car need?

This will depend based on a few factors including your car's age, annual mileage, and manufacturer recommendations. Your vehicle handbook will show what type of service you need. Alternatively, your local Macklin Motors dealership will be able to help.

Can I take out a service plan?

With Priority Service Plan, you can split the cost of car maintenance into manageable monthly payments. Another great benefit is that you can save 25% compared to one-off service rates.

How much does a service cost?

The cost varies based on the make of your car and the type of service required. Our pricing is fair and transparent - anything we quote is the final price.

How long does a car service last?

A car service can last anywhere from 90 minutes to three hours and depends on the type of service being carried out. This could be longer if any extra work is needed, but we'll keep you informed.

What if my car needs extra work?

If any further work is needed, we'll discuss the options and confirm that you are happy to go ahead. No work will be completed without your permission and the cost is agreed in advance.

Do you service electric and hybrid cars?

Our skilled technicians can service electric and hybrid cars at any of our dealerships.

What will a new car warranty cover?

Each manufacturer warranty is different, but you can check your vehicle handbook to find out the specific items covered. If you are still unsure, the dealership where you bought your car will be able to help.

It's worth bearing in mind that certain things can void your warranty.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Exceeding mileage limits
  • Overloading your vehicle
  • Not regularly servicing your vehicle
  • Using the wrong type of fuel and unapproved fluids
  • Vehicle modifications
  • Vehicle misuse
  • Aggressive driving

Fluids including oil, antifreeze and brake fluid are not covered by your warranty. Tyres, windscreen wipers, scratches or cosmetic damage are not covered by a warranty.

If you decide to take out an extended warranty, the warranty terms may differ. It's always best to confirm specific terms with your warranty provider.

Does a new car warranty cover MOT failure?

An MOT is a legal requirement from the UK Government and is not covered by a warranty.

What are the benefits of an extended warranty?

An extended warranty covers repairs and replacement parts that are outlined in your contract. It's a great way to have extra reassurance whenever you drive.

Personal Service Plan

You can spread the cost of maintaining your car with the Bristol Street Motors Personal Service Plan. This allows you to pay for your service work in manageable monthly payments - plus you'll benefit from a significant discount compared to one-off car servicing costs.

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