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Book your Motability service and MOT at Macklin Motors

Regular servicing will ensure your vehicle is safe, in good condition and performing well.

We recognise that time without your car may seem unsettling, but with courtesy cars and a collection and delivery service, we have options for your convenience.

Plus, your inclusive Motability package covers the cost of all servicing and MOT work, so you won�t ever encounter any unforeseen invoices.

Why Choose Macklin Motors for your Motability service and MOT?

Our Motability accredited specialists can answer any queries you may have

Enjoy complimentary refreshments in our customer waiting areas

Courtesy cars are available to keep you on the move

We can provide vehicle collection and delivery for your convenience

Our manufacturer accredited technicians are experts in their field

What is included in a Motability service?

Our technicians will complete a detailed inspection of your vehicle during its service. This usually covers key elements, such as:

Engine oil

Windscreen washer fluid

Engine cooling system


Tyre tread

There may also be some further checks on brake pads or filters, for example, depending on requirements from the manufacturer. For more detail on what will be covered, or if you are unsure what checks are required, get in touch with your managing dealership.

If you need to get around whilst your vehicle is in our workshop, we offer courtesy cars. Additionally, we can collect and deliver your vehicle to your home or place of work if that suits you better. To arrange either of these options, contact your managing dealership ahead of your appointment and we will do our very best to accommodate your request.

What is a Motability MOT?

An MOT is an annual assessment of vehicle safety and environmental credentials, that is mandatory on vehicles approaching three years old.

Before the end of your standard three-year Motability lease, you must arrange for an MOT to be completed on your car � regardless of whether you are planning to give the vehicle back or extend the lease.

We have comfortable customer areas with complimentary refreshments and Wi-Fi if you would like to wait whilst our technicians work on your vehicle.

Motability Vehicle Health Checks

Get assurance that your Motability car is in prime condition with a Macklin Motors Vehicle Health Check.

Our skilled technicians will conduct a full health check on all vehicles that enter the workshop for a service or MOT. This inspection evaluates the condition of key features such as your brakes, wheels and tyres.

You will receive a video from our technicians that summarises the results and highlights any potential issues.

RAC Breakdown Cover

RAC breakdown cover is included in your Motability agreement for the entirety of your lease.

If you do break down in your Motability car, help is never too far away! Give the RAC a call on 0800 73 111 73 � phone lines are open 24/7 and the team will always aim to get a technician to you within 45 minutes of your call.

To ensure the RAC have as much information as possible to help, you will need to provide some details over the phone, such as your name, registration number, exact location, and nature of your breakdown.


Do Motability cars have to be serviced?

Yes. Just like any other vehicle, regular servicing is required to keep your Motability car performing optimally. Your vehicle should be serviced in line with the manufacturer�s recommended time and/or mileage schedule � you can find this information in your owner�s handbook.

Do Motability cars need an MOT?

Your Motability vehicle will need an MOT test before you reach the end of your agreement as standard leases are over three years.

You must continue to get MOTs annually if you extend your lease after the initial three-year agreement.

To help you keep on top of things, your managing dealership will get in touch when it�s time for your MOT so you can book your vehicle in with us.

Do I need to pay for a service or MOT on my Motability vehicle?

As part of your inclusive Motability package, servicing and MOT costs are all covered � this means you won�t have to worry about additional payments.

What happens if my Motability vehicle fails its MOT?

If your Motability vehicle doesn�t pass its MOT, it will need to be fixed and then re-tested.

The technician working on your vehicle will provide you with a report that documents the reason for the MOT failure, and the work required to address the fault(s).

Do I have to pay for repairs on my Motability car?

The cost of any repairs caused by general wear and tear will be covered by your Motability agreement. For any larger, more substantial bits of damage, you may have to claim for the cost through your RSA Motability insurance.

What happens if my Motability car gets written off?

If your Motability vehicle gets written off or stolen, RSA Motability will be on hand to help. They can help you organise a hire car, apply for a new Motability agreement, and sort out the previous contract on the vehicle which has been written off or stolen.

I�ve been involved in accident � what should I do?

If you have been involved in an accident in your Motability car, you need to contact RSA Motability as soon as you can - even if you think the damage is minimal. The RSA Motability team will support you on what to do next.

If you are unsure what factors covered by your policy, you can check the insurance booklet for a detailed rundown.