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The new Suzuki Jimny makes a fantastic value-for-money off-roader, compact in size with clever engineering throughout. The Jimny is ready to take you anywhere!
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5 Reasons The New Suzuki Jimny Makes The Perfect SUV

5 Reasons The New Suzuki Jimny Makes The Perfect SUV

The new Suzuki Jimny makes a fantastic value-for-money off-roader, compact in size with clever engineering throughout. The Jimny is ready to take you anywhere!

Here are our 5 reasons why the Jimny makes a great modern SUV:

1.       It’s Surprisingly Nifty

Compared to the other SUV's and off-road vehicles, the Jimny is small - it's just 1.6 metres wide and 3.6 metres long! Although the Jimny is impressively compact, it holds good storage capability - fold down the back seats to give a larger loading space and fill with anything you need for your adventure.

The Jimny's small footprint will allow you much more flexibility in urban and suburban settings. The Jimny has no issue with small spaces – it makes parking much easier in tight carparks and driving down narrow backroads a breeze!

The high seating position also gives you excellent visibility and the Jimny’s large, box-shaped wing mirrors make manoeuvring much easier too.

2.       It’s Built To Take You Anywhere

The Jimny really is ready for anything! It’s perfect for some off-road fun - the new Jimny comes with many features that make it very good at going off the beaten track.

For example, at low speeds of up to 40 mph, the driver can put it into 4-wheel-drive mode for unpredictable or compromised terrain. When driving slower, put the Jimny into 4-wheel-drive low-range mode, for an even more confident drive off-road.

Some other off-rad benefits include rigid axles, so that if one wheel is lifted from the ground, the other wheels lower as to still maintain traction. The Jimny can also can brake each wheel individually, so that when one wheel is above the ground, the car stops that wheel from moving -pushing the power to the remaining grounded wheels! The Jimny is born and bred a competitive off-roader.

3.       The Retro-Styling Is Modern Yet Familiar

Over the years, more than 3 million Jimnys have been produced in total – the design has evolved, and the off-roader has become a firm favourite in the small-SUV world.

The new Jimny is a nod to the first generation Jimny brought out in 1970; it was made for one purpose - to be a small off roader that you could take anywhere.

The original Jimny was very popular and so Suzuki brought out the 2nd generation in 1981 and it again proved to be a huge success. In 1998, after a long 17 year wait, Suzuki brought out a 3rd generation.

The all-new Jimny modernises it’s first classic look. The rugged styling has been kept, with round flat forward-facing headlights and a ‘sliced-up’ retro grille - the Jimny has been injected with modern technological advancements.

4.       The Interior Comes With Great Technology

The interior of the Jimny comes with no fuss or nonsense – it’s industrial feel still comes with lots of great gadgets. As standard the Jimny comes with a Bosch-sourced SmartPlay infotainment unit, full air-conditioning, heating, Bluetooth connectivity, a DAB digital radio, hill descent and hill hold control.

Safety is also important in the new Jimny, with a Lane Departure Warning System, Duel Sensor Brake Support and Daytime Running Lights all standard too. Upgrade to the SZ5 and you get a 7-inch touchscreen with GPS, a leather trim interior and heated front seats - a huge perk during cold British mornings!

Although the Jimny fits the bill for a rural off-roader inside and out, the technology doesn’t let it down.

5.       The Price Is Perfect

The Jimny has always been affordable – this is infamous as one of its many perks. Ranging around £16,000 year after year, the new Jimny models stay consistent at a similar price point, no matter the improvements made!

The affordable price fits the Jimny’s purpose – as a rugged off-roader it can scale the countryside’s landscape without the worry that thousands will be lost from chipping the paint or scratching the bumper!

The Jimny is built for anyone, anywhere – it fits any SUV budget and keeps up in a rural, suburban or urban setting! In terms of value for money, the Suzuki Jimny is amazing.

Don’t just ask us! Pistonheads’ Sam Sheehan noted the Jimny’s great appeal as an amazing SUV: ‘Suzuki has high hopes for the Jimny as evidenced by the extensive kit list included to make it more user friendly, as well as its distinctive design, which looks even better in the metal and gives it real on road presence.

‘There’s little doubt that buyers will want it for its quirky personality and rugged looks.’

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