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Find out how and where to charge your electric vehicle to avoid running out of range.
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Charging your electric vehicle on the go

Charging your electric vehicle on the go

  • All Motability Scheme customers receive a home charger and installation for free
  • Range anxiety is one of the top reasons customers avoid getting an EV
  • You can charge some EVs in under 30 minutes with an ultra-rapid DC charger
  • Charging on public points is pricier than charging your EV at home
  • All Motability customers who cannot get a home charging point installed, receive a free subscription to the bp pulse network


Are you considering getting an electric Motability vehicle? Excellent choice! EVs are both efficient and cost-effective, not to mention great for clean air.

However, range anxiety is one of the top reasons people avoid buying an EV. This is because they are worried about getting stranded with no range.

We have gathered some information about charging your EV while on the road, so you can drive with peace of mind. Also, you can find some tips on how to ensure you never run out of range.

Continue reading to learn what to consider when you drive an electric Motability vehicle.


The charging time

When you charge your EV at a public station, there are different speed options available. Depending on how much time you have, it’s cheaper to use slow charging points (2-7kW) or fast charging stations (7-22kW).

Meanwhile, if you are in a rush, a rapid DC charging point (25-150kW) is your best friend. And, if you want your EV to be charged in under 30 minutes, use an ultra-rapid DC charger (150+kW). It’s important to remember that the faster the charging, more expensive it will be.

Also, if you regularly use fast charging points, it may reduce the battery health over time.

Electric Motability vehicles that offer you the fastest charging include:


How to charge your electric vehicle guide


The cost of charging

Overall, the cost of charging your EV is less than the cost of petrol or diesel.

The current cost of electricity also affects how much you end up paying for charging your car. Plus, if you use a rapid or ultra-rapid charger, it will be more expensive compared to a home charger.

When charging at a public charging station, you are not only paying for electricity. You’re also charged for the location, connection fee, and specific network you’re using.

Charging at your own home is significantly less expensive than charging on the road. This is because at home, you can schedule your charging so you will use electricity when it’s at its cheapest. This is usually during the night.


Finding your nearest charging point

When you’re out and about, it’s good to be aware where your nearest charging station is. Some manufacturers have their own applications that provide you with a map of all their partner charging stations.

You can find all the public charging stations by using ZapMap. You can filter for specific charging points, for example if you’re only looking for rapid chargers only. The ZapMap also allows you to plan routes to the charging stations.

Find your nearest EV charging point


Free bp pulse network subscription

If you are a Motability customer without access to off-street parking, take advantage of a free bp pulse network subscription.

This also applies to those who cannot have a home charger installed.

The subscription provides you an access to over 9,000 public charging stations. This includes 3,000 rapid and ultra-fast chargers.

The benefits of the bp pulse subscription include:

  • Discounted or free rates, compared to other public chargers. You’ll end up saving approximately 8p per kW.
  • Application features a map of all bp pulse charging points. You can also filter them by speed.
  • Those who join after 1 October 2023, receive a £25 credit towards charging on the network.
  • Get 50% off hot drinks at Wild Bean Cafe.


All Motability Scheme customers will receive a free home charger and installation when they lease their first EV. Read more from Motability Scheme website.


If you are looking to get an electric or hybrid Motability vehicle, we can guide you through its charging process. Are you new to electric vehicles? Read our ultimate guide to EVs.

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