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Get A First Glimpse Of The All-New Electric Vauxhall Astra

Get A First Glimpse Of The All-New Electric Vauxhall Astra

Vauxhall has revealed a first glimpse of the all-new Astra – the first generation of Vauxhall’s compact car to be electrified.

The images portray the high attention to detail of the anticipated all-new model and the brand’s pure and bold design philosophy shows the way forward for its upcoming passenger cars.

Paul Willcox, Managing Director, Vauxhall, commented: “The All-New Astra will open an exciting new chapter in the 41-year history of our popular compact model. We are confident that the next generation Vauxhall Astra will make a powerful impression and attract new customers to the brand, especially now Astra will be electrified for the first time.”

The Vauxhall Vizor, which was first seen on the All-New Mokka, has been further developed to create the central exterior design element.

The brand’s face is stretched seamlessly across the front and integrates technologies such as the ultra-slim IntelliLux Led headlamps.

The same engineering precision runs throughout the Pure Panel digital cockpit and harmoniously integrates the Vauxhall Vizor with two widescreen displays.

The physical controls have been reduced to the core functions and have been designed in the form of finely crafted keys.

The shape, textures and materials that have been used in the steering wheel and ergonomic front seats radiate the high quality of the interior design.

The next generation Astra, which has been designed by a team led by British Design Vice-President Mark Adams, will be available as a dynamic five-door hatchback and versatile Sports Tourer estate.

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