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Hyundai Announce New Air-Con Technology to Maintain Clean Air in Vehicles

Hyundai Announce New Air-Con Technology to Maintain Clean Air in Vehicles

With concerns about air quality increasing on a global scale, Hyundai has recognised this and developed three new technologies to ensure clean air is maintained within its vehicles.

After Blow, Multi-Air Mode and Fine Duster Indicator will be introduced on Hyundai’s upcoming models, but how will these new technologies keep the air flow clean?

Read on to find out.

After Blow

Ideal when the climate is warmer, After Blow will work to suppress mould growth by drying out any condensation to prevent any funky smells flooding the cabin.

It automatically turns on when the engine is switched off, and works for 10 minutes to make sure all condensate is removed, whilst the air-conditioning systems enables outside air to flow through to prevent humidity.

Multi-Air Mode  

Multiple air vents will be installed throughout the cabin to allow the Multi-Air Mode to heat or cool the vehicle.

Operated by an on/off button, drivers can choose when they want this mode on.

Fine Dust Indicator Technology

The Fine Dust Indicator will be able to measure the air quality within the vehicle in real-time. This will allow drivers to monitor the air quality on every journey and, if action needs to be taken, the air-cleaning mode will kick in to purify the air.  

The new technologies will initially be introduced on select models in Korea, before being rolled out globally on every new Hyundai model.

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