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Hyundai mobile artwork unveiled in six iconic cities worldwide

Hyundai mobile artwork unveiled in six iconic cities worldwide

Hyundai Motors have announced its new campaign to encourage tourists to visit iconic locations around the world and share photographs.

Inspirational art sponsored by the South Korean automobile manufacturer will appear on public transport carrying visitors to top global tourist attractions and making Hyundai a 'travel mate' for tourists' most precious moments. The chosen locations are Istanbul, New York, Mexico City, Barcelona, Paris, and Singapore.

Head of Overseas Marketing at Hyundai Motor Company, Scott Noh commented: "We want to show our customers that we care for them, no matter where they are in the world. Now, within these six cities, Hyundai Motor's corporate vision of being a 'lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond' is helping to create lasting travel memories for millions of people. We want to be the ultimate travel companion and our philosophy of caring for customers via emotional interaction can help customers break away from the frustrations of everyday life."

Busses and Trams in Istanbul, New York and Mexico City will host stunning optical illusions - comprising of hundreds of Hyundai logos - that echo the vibrant cities. Meanwhile, the transport in Barcelona, Paris and Singapore will display the message 'A New Experience Awaits.'

The campaign will also introduce travellers to Hyundai's recently launched compact SUV, the All-New Tucson.

Travelers are encouraged to share selfies and photographs of buses and trams carrying Hyundai's artwork on social media using the hashtag #HyundaiTravelmate.

by: Laura Thomson