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From everything related to charging, servicing, and maintaining your new vehicle, we've compiled a handy guide on what to expect next.
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New EV Owner? Your Top Tips for What Comes Next from Macklin Motors

New EV Owner? Your Top Tips for What Comes Next from Macklin Motors

From everything related to charging, servicing, and maintaining your new vehicle, we've compiled a handy guide on what to expect next.

It’s World EV Day on Saturday 9th September, and here at Macklin Motors, we’re thinking of motorists who may have just made the switch to an electric vehicle.

That’s because, amid the excitement that comes with getting a new electric car, there can also be feelings of worry.

How will I charge my electric vehicle? What do I need to do to get my vehicle serviced? And what are the costs of maintaining it? These are just some of the questions you may have, though we’re here to help you!

For all you’ll need to know post-purchase, simply read on.


Check Your Charge Points

It goes without saying that very soon after getting your EV, you’ll need to charge it. Whether it’s for a longer road trip or the daily commute to or from work. Though you don’t want to be standing at the station struggling to get to grips with how it works the first time you do it.

That’s why we recommend finding out where your nearest charging points are based on the area in which you live. According to ZapMap, there are currently 4,187 charging points across Scotland - this figure is set to grow with increased government investment too.

To help you find these, there are a variety of apps you can download, which we’ll take a closer look at next.

Start searching for your nearest charging points using the map on our Electric Vehicle Hub.


All About the Apps

‘But how can I find my nearest charging points?’, you ask. The answer is, very easily.

Thanks to the ever-evolving world of apps, there are several that enable you to locate nearby charging points wherever you are, and all you need to do is download and register with them.

Many of these apps are convenient for planning ahead, checking station availability, and even making payments via your phone when there are associated costs.


EV Charging Station


We’ve rounded up six of the top apps for you to download, including:

1. ChargePlace Scotland – As one of the largest network providers in the region, ChargePlace Scotland will have you covered. This allows you to start your charging session, view your history, locate nearby charging points, and pay using your phone.

2. PodPoint – PodPoint is another useful app for you to charge your EV, bringing you a range of options. From scheduling charging and viewing energy usage at home to charging on-the-go at a number of locations throughout the country. You’ll also be able to view charge point availability and tariffs where these apply, and with Charge Activity Report you can view your charging history.

3. WattsUp – A useful app for helping plan your journeys, WattsUp allows you to find your nearest charging points across all networks. The best thing about this app is that you enter the specific details of your vehicle, meaning that you’ll only receive search results which accommodate your charging needs. You can also benefit from estimated journey times for each charging station.

4. Google Maps – Did you know, you can even use Google Maps to locate your nearest charging station during your journey? Simply enter your location and your desired destination, then browse the ‘search along route’ option for EV charging stations en route.

5. Plugshare – Plugshare is another great option for finding your nearest charging points. It allows you to search for chargers near you based on your vehicle, or by the specific kind of charger you require, helping you to refine your search. Incorporating other users’ reviews, you’ll be able to see which stations have availability and will best meet your needs, and you can even plan your route if you’re travelling further afield.

6. ZapMap – From planning journeys and finding charging points near you to paying for charging, ZapMap offers a handy app with all you need for EV charging. You can see not only the nearest charging points, but which chargers are available ahead of your visit, and like Plugshare you’ll also be able to see helpful reviews. Filter different charging types, payment options, and more to see which is best for you.

However, you aren’t limited to just these, as there are plenty more apps out there that could suit your charging needs. That’s why we recommend doing your research and experimenting to find out which ones are best for you.


The Deal with Servicing

Servicing is another important aspect of electric vehicle ownership.

Unlike petrol or diesel cars, electric vehicles require much simpler servicing thanks to their vastly reduced number of parts, from some 2,000 parts in petrol or diesel to around 20 with electric!

That’s not to say that your vehicle won’t require regular servicing to make sure things are in working order. Things like the battery and electric cables will need to be checked by your service technician to make sure that there are no damages or faults that need addressing.

For the battery, this will often be done using diagnostic technology to check the health of the lithium-ion cells, while for electric cables this can often be checked visually to ensure cables aren’t loose or damaged.

Other than this, servicing is pretty simple. You’ll need to get all the other components of your vehicle such as tyres, brakes, suspension, and steering checked just as you would with a non-electric vehicle.

When it comes to the recommended period between servicing, this will vary by manufacturer. Think yours may be due soon? Book your next service with us today.


General Maintenance

Aside from a trip to the garage for servicing, there are actually some things you can do yourself to make sure your new EV is looked after. Using these methods should help you lower the running costs, so you can enjoy your new vehicle for less.

- Battery: Practice efficient charging by not letting the battery run flat and topping up your charges from 20%-80%.

- Brakes: Top up your brake fluid when needed, and make sure to replace brake pads and discs in the first instance.

- Tyres: Don’t forget to keep your tyre pressure topped up and follow manufacturer recommendations for tyre specifications. Replace when worn.

These are just some of the ways you can run your EV more efficiently and keep those costs down.

We hope you’ve found this guide useful and are excited about receiving your new EV. To find more helpful tips and advice, keep up to date with our Newsroom.

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