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It’s been a good start for the Nissan ARIYA since its release earlier this year, so much so that it will be on the shortlist for Car of the Year 2023.
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Nissan ARIYA Among Finalists for Car of The Year 2023

Nissan ARIYA Among Finalists for Car of The Year 2023

It’s been a good start for the Nissan ARIYA since its release earlier this year, so much so that it will be on the shortlist for Car of the Year 2023.

The electric crossover brings together distinctive Japanese design principles and the latest innovative technology to create a vehicle with lots to offer.

Let’s take a look at the Nissan ARIYA and some of the top features that make it a strong contender for the award.

Traditional Japanese design

Like many of Nissan’s cars, the Nissan ARIYA infuses traditional Japanese design throughout as a nod to the manufacturer’s heritage.

Minimalist and strategic, this design theme places practicality and efficiency at the centre, minimalizing distractions and creating a clutter-free spacious interior.

The dashboard is particularly striking, with a horizontal line as opposed to more complex curvatures, with haptic controls to provide a seamless, tactile user experience.

The flat floor also gives a more spacious feel, resulting in a more welcoming, comfortable experience for all passengers inside the Nissan ARIYA.

This design draws from the Japanese concept sei, meaning “clever treatment of design or function” and gives the Nissan ARIYA a focused, practical interior designed to provide an easier, more convenient driving experience.

A more intricate design can be seen on the door panels, with black and white patterns known as Kumiko in Japanese tradition, drawing from the concept of light and shadow.

This co-ordinates with the exterior of the Nissan ARIYA, with a 3D variation of the design featuring the new illuminated Nissan logo.

Nissan ARIYA Lifestyle Image

Not neglecting the expectations of modern style, the Nissan ARIYA also features super-thin LED headlamps for a striking appearance, and sequential turn signals for a touch of added style.

On the inside, there is also wrap-around interior ambient lighting when using the ProPILOT feature, changing colour above your dashboard and door panels for a fun, playful look.

Updated modern technology

eaturing a dual, curved 12.3” display on the single-line horizon dashboard, this reflects the Japanese concept of engawa, which refers to “an undefined space between the inside and outside.”

Clutter-free and simple, this creates a seamless, focused interior allowing you to concentrate on enjoying the journey.

The Nissan ARIYA also offers the latest in sound systems, featuring the BOSE sound system for a premium acoustic experience that is generally unrivalled, thanks to 10 high-performance speakers.

With an in-car virtual assistant, the Nissan ARIYA keeps you connected to the road with everything you need for a convenient drive. Simply ask your assistant to turn up the A/C, or read out text messages to you while you drive.

You can also personalise your Nissan ARIYA via the integrated display according to your needs, and with NissanConnect Services this allows you to remotely lock or unlock the doors and adjust the climate control – so you’re always ready for the journey.

With AndroidAuto and Apple CarPlay, you can pair your smartphone with your car and stay up to date with what matters, whether it’s essential travel information or playing your favourite music.

Assisting your drive

The Nissan ARIYA comes with a wealth of driver assistance features to help make driving smoother and safer.

ProPILOT Assist with Navi-link helps you to follow the line of traffic at a safe distance and keep you in lane, whilst informing you of any uneven road surfaces or curvatures in the road in advance.

Parking has also never been easier thanks to ProPILOT, helping you to easily park your Nissan ARIYA into any parking space by taking control of the brakes, steering wheel, and accelerator.

During the drive, there are also plenty of features on hand to help make things easier for you, including the Intelligent Rear View mirror which helps you to see the road behind when there are objects obstructing your view.

The Intelligent Around View Monitor consists of four cameras giving you a virtual composite 360 degree view from above so you can see confidently all around when completing a manoeuvre.

You’ll also have features such as Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, Rear Automatic Braking, Intelligent Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Recognition, and Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention.

Considerate and convenient

The Nissan ARIYA cleverly combines practical, thoughtful features with forward-thinking technology to create an electric car built for the demands of modern motoring.

With this comes convenience throughout placing your needs at the very forefront. With a range of up to 329 miles, it will give you plenty to get you where you need to go.

It’s also available in either two-wheel or four-wheel drive, so you can choose whichever suits your driving style.

Battery options include a 63kWh battery, or an 87kWh battery which is also available with Nissan’s innovative e-4orce technology.

Nissan ARIYA Lifestyle Image 2

Charging is also simple and efficient, with the Nissan ARIYA capable of regaining as much as 271 miles in as quick as 30 minutes.

Inside, there are various other convenient features designed with ease of driving in mind. These include a handy slide-out tray in the centre which turns into a mobile worktable for the cabin, so you can take work on-the-go.

There’s also a storage unit below this that you can use to store personal belongings, so that everything you need is an arm reach away.

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