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Scotland has reached a new milestone. There are now more than 1,000 chargepoints across the country.
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Scotland Has More Than 1,000 Electric Vehicle Chargepoints

Scotland Has More Than 1,000 Electric Vehicle Chargepoints

It’s a milestone that should be celebrated. Scotland has reached over 1,000 electric vehicle chargepoints.

The Secretary for transport, connectivity and infrastructure, Michael Matheson, announced that Scotland now has more than 1,000 EV chargepoints, whilst visiting East Ayrshire’s first electric car park, whereby every bay has the facilities to charge an EV.

Matheson said: “World-class charging infrastructure is critical in developing range confidence and encouraging people to make the switch to electric vehicles. At the same time, the continued development of our infrastructure sends a global message that Scotland is ready for a revolution in e-mobility.”

In Scotland, there is an average distance of 2.78 miles from any given location to a charge point, compared to England where the distance is 3.77 miles.

The Scottish government plan to have one of the most comprehensive charging networks in Europe, and aim to be free of petrol and diesel cars by 2032.

Matheson also went on to say that, “the uptake of ultra-low emission vehicles is central to our energy strategy, our climate change plan and our goal of making Scotland’s air quality the best in Europe. It’s fantastic that Scotland now benefits from over 1,000 chargepoints including close to two hundred 50 kilowatt rapid chargers.”

The installation of these electric vehicle chargepoints have been made possible through ChargePlace Scotland, and a further 800 are planned to be built through Switched on Towns & Cities Challenge Fund and the Local Authority Installation Programme.


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