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It has been an electrifying show this year in Frankfurt. Let's take a look at the electric vehicles that dominated the show.
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The EVs That Dominated The 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

The EVs That Dominated The 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

The annual Frankfurt Motor Show is a chance for manufacturers to premiere their latest models to the world.

From revealing new versions of iconic vehicles to Volkswagen unveiling their new brand logo, this year’s show has been one to remember.

But one aspect that really dominated the Frankfurt Motor Show was electric vehicles.

Let’s take a look at the EVs that stole the show.

Volkswagen ID.3


The most important vehicle to be launched by Volkswagen for some time, the ID.3 did not disappoint.

Described as “an electric car for everyone,” the ID.3 is the first EV to be launched from VW’s ID. Collection.

It will offer 3 battery options, with driving ranges between 205-341 miles.

Along with the revelation of the brand’s new logo, the revealing of the ID.3 showcased a new chapter for Volkswagen and an insight into the future of the company.

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Honda E

honda e

The all-electric city car from Honda made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show and starting prices were finally announced.

Offering a range of approximately 136 miles, the Honda E has already made 31,000 ‘expressions of interest’ and 9,000 of them are from the UK.

The Honda E slightly resembles the original 1972 Honda Civic, but with modernised technology, including a side camera system to replace the traditional side-view mirrors and retractable door handles.

Produced solely for city driving, rather than long journeys, the small-sized vehicle is perfect for your daily commutes.

Debuting next year, the starting price for Honda’s all-electric vehicle is said to be around £26,160.

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Vauxhall Corsa-E 

corsa e

One of Vauxhall’s most popular models has turned electric, and it made its first-ever appearance at Frankfurt.

Described as one of the most affordable EVs on the market, the Corsa-e is just the beginning of Vauxhall’s electric future.

With a range of approximately 205 miles, the Corsa-e is intended to appeal to those who have never really considered an EV, due to its predecessor’s popularity.

The starting price for the Corsa-e will be around £26,490, and the first 500 people to place an order will also receive a free home charging kit.

Mercedes Vision EQS 


Finally, Mercedes unveiled their new Vision EQS concept to add to the EQ range which already has the EQC lined up.

It’s cool, it’s suave and it’s super brilliant, with a unique design that will have you driving in style!

Expected to drive into showrooms in 2021, the Vision EQS is predicted to be the most advanced model yet!

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It has definitely been an ‘electrifying’ show in Frankfurt this year, and some memorable moments have been witnessed.

The heavy focus on electric vehicles also indicates the future of automobility and the changing ideas of manufacturers across the globe.  

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Main Image Credit: The Sunday Times