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The all-new Suzuki Swift SZ5 is a model that comes as a dynamic and powerful supermini, with an impressive hybrid engine guaranteed to make you want to switch!
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Why Will The Suzuki Swift Convince You To Go Hybrid?

Why Will The Suzuki Swift Convince You To Go Hybrid?

The all-new Suzuki Swift SZ5 is a dynamic and powerful supermini model with an impressive hybrid engine.

The Swift SZ5 makes it difficult not to make the switch to something more eco-friendly!

Whether you’ve already considered switching to a hybrid for fuel-efficiency, or you just want to make greener choices, the Suzuki Swift SZ5 hybrid options make making the decision really easy.

The two hybrid Swift options are hard to beat, coming with a wide range of safety and technology features as standard�

Advanced Technology

Packed with the latest technology, the new Suzuki Swift SZ5 hybrids come with a touchscreen display, Apple Carplay and Android Auto connectivity - you can stay in touch with who you want, anywhere, anytime, whilst also linking a display of your device’s audio system.

To make driving more effortless, the new Swift SZ5’s come with Keyless Entry and start button. A telescopic-adjustable steering wheel makes every drive feel fit to you, whilst a DAB digital radio gives you more choice to enjoy your journey.

Both hybrid models also come with adaptive Cruise Control, so that long journeys feel slightly less long and chore-like. A state-of-the-art navigation system is also ready to keep you on the right track - no matter your destination, your Suzuki will get you there as Swift-ly as possible!

Safety First

Safety is a priority in the new Swift SZ5 – being fuel-efficient and better for the environment have in no way compromised Suzuki’s attention to detail.

As well as Cruise Control, the Swift comes with a Duel Sensor ABS Brake Assist function, Lane Departure Warnings, Hill Hold control, High Beam Assist and 360 Airbags, to make every drive, long or short, as safe as possible!

The Swift’s childproof rear door locks, ISOFIX compatibility and the fact you can deactivate the front passenger airbag, all mean that your precious cargo will be transported safely too!

The Drive

As either a turbocharged Boosterjet 2-wheel drive, or an ALLGRIP auto 4-wheel drive, the Suzuki Swift SZ5 models pack power into efficient engine options.

Beneath the bonnet of the SZ5 there is a powerful turbocharged petrol engine, which has been designed to maximise fuel economy while keeping emissions low. No matter the conditions, the engine delivers a thrillingly agile performance. You’ll have to drive it to believe it!

As well as having style by the bucket load and next level drive performance, the Swift SZ5’s ALLGRIP auto 4-wheel drive option mean any adventure is on the cards.

The Swift SZ5 1.2 Dualjet SHVS manual comes with ALLGRIP Auto 4-wheel drive - giving you extra grip to adapt to any conditions. In the new Swift hybrid, you have the freedom to go anywhere and do anything, whilst being more efficient than ever!


The Swift range comes surprisingly affordable, even despite the array of advanced features and refined styling the SZ5 offers.

Ranging from £13,987, the SZ5 hybrid options are fantastic value for money – reducing your excuses not to switch to something more eco-friendly even more!

The Suzuki Swift hybrid options are also great cars for first-time drivers. They’re cheaper to run, have great fuel economy and are a safe way to start your journey on the roads!

There is very little to fault the all-new Suzuki Swift SZ5 hybrids, built with you in mind to be the perfect car.

The Suzuki Swift range will be available soon here at Macklin Motors.

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