I would just like to say this was the most pleasant and easiest experience of the sales experience I have had in the 40 years since I first purchased a car. We had heard good things about Macklin's from friends and acquaintances as well as good reviews of the car we chose. The making of an appointment with the disability specialist salesman was simple and the welcome friendly and professional. Display of the cars made it easy for me to try them out. He knew his cars and was able to help us with our choice and the various options. I used to train and manage sales in my early career and I would have been proud to have him as part of my team. Everything about the transaction, including keeping us up to date with everything, processing the paperwork and ensuring the on time delivery of the car was impressive. I cannot think of anything that would have improved the experience. He made it easy for us and we have no hesitation in recommending the company and the car which we love.
M Doherty
Ford Hamilton
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