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Macklin Motors Used Car Preparation

Think you can't get that new car feeling from a used car? Think again. All Macklin Motors used cars are checked from top to bottom, from paintwork to windscreens to parts. We work hard with each vehicle to get them to the highest possible standards. So why not buy used? It'll make you feel like new.

    Bodywork & paintwork

    One thing that often gets neglected by car owners is the bodywork and paintwork of their vehicles. It's understandable! We all live busy lives, and sometimes a small chip or scratch doesn't seem that important. But it is to us. We've invested in our solvent-based Colour Chip technology so that any scratch, dent or chip that is visible, is repaired.


    You won't need to kick the tyres on any used car sold by Macklin Motors. We know that tyres are important for the safe running of your vehicle, and they help keep your fuel costs down. All our used car tyres are thoroughly tested for cuts, tears and gouges, and are free of any major cosmetic blemishes.


    We give the wheels of every used car the VIP treatment by restoring them with our Diamond Cut system. Scuff, scrapes and dents in alloys will be identified and removed using our cutting-edge technology. We've invested hundreds of thousands of pounds into it - so that every used car leaving our forecourts has a diamond shine.

    Window Glass & Lamp Lenses

    Picture this. You're driving to work and notice a small crack forming in your windscreen or mirrors. And we all know what that means. Expense, inconvenience, and stress. But don't worry, we're here to shatter your expectations with our thorough glass and lamp checks. Any cracks or holes will be repaired or replaced so there's nothing to worry about.

    Vehicle interior

    Have you ever thought about how much time you spend in your car? Some estimates put it at a whopping four years on average! Whether that's dropping the kids off at school or doing the weekly shop, that's a lot of time in your motor. Why not make the best of it? Our interior repairs ensure that all used cars we sell are checked for rips, tears, spills, stains and more. Relax, we'll take care of it.

    Controls & Electrical Equipment

    The days of the cassette player and wind-down windows are long gone. Car technology and controls are evolving at an astonishing speed, which is why all used cars need an expert check to ensure everything is in order. We will check all electronics and security controls in every used vehicle to save you from any tech related trauma.