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Why use Value My Car at Macklin Motors?

Instant Valuation

Enter your registration and provide us with some details about your car's condition and mileage. We'll give you an instant valuation that's valid for seven days.

Powered by data

We use real-time data from the used car market to provide an accurate and competitive valuation for your car. We analyse over 500,000 vehicles daily so you can trust that we'll offer a fair price.

Completely free

Designed for your convenience, the valuation is free of charge. You don't need to create an account, and there is absolutely no obligation to sell your car to us.

How Value My Car works

Value My Car is a completely free tool that you can use to see how much your car is worth.  

We just need a few details on your car's condition and mileage. We use this information, along with insight on the trade and retail prices of over 500,000 vehicles nationwide, to provide your valuation figure. Our data-driven algorithm will guarantee a fair, competitive, and transparent price for your car. It's our promise to you. 

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What improves the value of my car?

High specification models

In a busy resale market, the more desirable elements your car has compared to other models, the better. Optional extras like technology upgrades, leather interiors, factory-optioned body styling, limited edition paint work all increase the potential value of your car.

Good mpg

A car that is economical to run will always go down well, especially for those needing to do long journeys. The efficiency of a car will inevitably reduce with age, but regular servicing can be a great indication that the car will keep close to its original from-factory mpg.

Low mileage

An advantage you can make the most of is low mileage. Take a look at other models of your same year and check how your mileage compares to theirs. If you do a lot of miles, keep this in mind when deciding on the best time to sell your car.

Full service history

Reassurance that the car has been well looked after comes from the service history. Keep the service history without gaps and completed by reputable providers, keep the MOTs up to date, correct any advisories and you will be able to prove the car has been looked after in your care.

In-date warranty

A valid warranty adds value for any future owner, especially when it comes to a used car. A warranty will give you peace of mind that your car is covered throughout your ownership, but also that it can give you value back when it comes to sell it too.

Decrease Price

What lessens the value of my car?

Bad condition

Should your car suffer from poor bodywork, a worn and torn interior or rough mechanical conditions, it might be worth getting all or some of these checked out for repair. They all play a role in decreasing the value of your car in the eyes of a new buyer.

Previous owners

The higher the number of previous owners, the less likely others will be to buy your car. If there are several previous owners, questions start to be asked about why the car has changed hands so frequently. It’s also more likely that the car will have poorer quality or missing service history.

Higher mileage

Having higher mileage than most similar models of its age counts against your car’s value. It’s worth bearing this in mind before it happens. Though, if it’s unavoidable, be sure to look after the car’s repairs, and keep the service history up to date and complete.

Increased age

If your car is an older model, it will usually be less desirable than the newest and improved models available on the market. There are some exceptions to this, perhaps they have desirable qualities that have been replaced within the newer model, but it is the general rule.

Patchy service history

Missing or inconsistent service history doesn’t paint a reliable picture of a well-looked-after car. Keep this in mind when buying any car, as it will impact resales. If it’s something you can rectify, such as contacting your local garage for a receipt from some past work on the car, it’s worth doing.

Want to sell your car?

There's no obligation to sell your car to us following your valuation, however, if you would like to go ahead, it's easy.

After you have received your online valuation, you will need to book an appointment at your local dealership. This is just to check over your car and finalise some details. There's no obligation to sell your car to us following your valuation, however, if you would like to go ahead, it's easy.

Visit us

Any questions about your valuation? Give us a call or pop down to your local Macklin Motors dealership.

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Why should I get a car valuation? 

If you are thinking about selling your car, getting an online valuation is a great idea. The value of your car can change over time, so using a tool like Value My Car will give you an accurate indication of how much your car is worth in real-time.  

Knowing how much money you can expect to get for your current car can help you budget for your part exchange if you�re looking to buy a newer model. 

How accurate is the valuation? 

The online valuation we provide is based on the condition and mileage information you provide us. Therefore, it's important to ensure this is accurate. We use this information, along with data from thousands of used car sales across the UK, to provide an accurate figure.   We promise to give a fair price for every vehicle. 

What affects the value of my car? 

There are many factors that affect the value of your car. These include: make, model, age, condition, specification, mileage, service history, and the number of previous owners � to name a few. At Macklin Motors, we take all of this into consideration to provide you with an accurate and fair price for your car.