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DVLA Release List of Banned 71 Plate Registrations

DVLA Release List of Banned 71 Plate Registrations

The DVLA has released a list of personalised plate registrations which have been deemed too rude for the roads.

Each year they receive hordes of requests for personalised registration plates. The majority of these requests are approved; however, many are rejected on the basis of being anything from slightly cheeky to plain rude!

Twice a year the agency releases a list of plate name and number formats that are not allowed. Staff working for the DVLA have to remain vigilant when checking plate requests, as it’s not always easy to spot potentially offensive messages straight away. Those looking to get away with a particular personalised message can often conceal this in a clever format by using a mix of letters and numbers.

The DVLA will prohibit plates that “may cause offence, embarrassment or are in poor taste”.

Read on for some examples of plates that will not get passed.

Banned 71 Plate Registrations

For 2021, there’s a new category relating to the pandemic, for example, ‘CO71 VD’, ‘CO71 RNA’ and ‘AN71 VAX’ are all prohibited.

Plates that have connotations of violence are also banned, including the likes of ‘BR71 GUN’, ‘BR71 KLL’ and ‘BR71 WAR’.

Some political statements have also been deemed a no, such as ‘EU71 BAD’. Additionally, any plates beginning NA71 have been vetoed, as well as the likes of ‘*H71 LAR’, ‘*H71 LER’, ‘*H71 LRR’.

Then there’s the overtly rude – we’re not too sure who would want these registration plates on their vehicle, but they have been forbidden regardless: ‘PR71 CK’, 'EA71 POO’, and ‘PE71 RVT’ are just a few on the long list.

There are over 50 million personalised registration options available on the DVLA website. If you’re looking for a personalised plate, simply submit your idea on the site and the DVLA will inform you whether it’s available. As long as it's not offensive or rude, you should be able to find something to suit your taste and budget, no bother at all!

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