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Ford Galaxy now available with AWD

Ford Galaxy now available with AWD

Ford has announced that the new Galaxy will be available with the brand's latest Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive option.

The system delivers enhanced traction with a seamless transition between front-wheel- and all-wheel-drive performance, ensuring the car fells secure and planted on the tarmac, especially in slippery conditions.

Measuring how the car's wheels are gripping the road surface every 16 milliseconds  20 times quicker than it takes to blink  the system can send up to 100 per cent of engine torque to the front or rear wheels, and make required adjustments in just 100 milliseconds.

By only delivering torque where and when it is needed, Intelligent AWD has minimal impact on fuel economy and CO2 emissions, in comparison with permanent four-wheel-drive systems.

Roelant de Waard, vice president of marketing, sales and Service at Ford of Europe, said: "Families across Europe have grown up with the Galaxy. Customers are reassured by its ability to carry seven in first-class comfort and safety, and to constantly surprise with its unmatched versatility.

"The all-new Galaxy now delivers even more assurance with Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive, actively optimising traction for even smoother and more refined journeys."

Ford is also expanding the number of vehicles available with AWD, with the new Mondeo, S-MAX and the upcoming Edge SUV offering the system.

by: Sophie Williamson-Stothert