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Ford helps get young drivers on the road

Ford helps get young drivers on the road

Ford has partnered with insurance provider Marmalade to help reduce the cost of motoring for young drivers, with the opportunity to own a new Ford Fiesta or Ford Ka.

The partnership not only makes new car ownership a more attainable option for 18-24 year olds, but it also helps young drivers gain experience and skills more safely while they are at the wheel.

The scheme combines the popular Ford Options two-year personal contract purchase plan with a discreet telematics 'black box' fitted free of charge by Marmalade.

The black box monitors speed, acceleration, braking and cornering force and builds a profile of a driver's behaviour. If the driving standard falls below an acceptable level, the driver is offered helpful advice and tips to improve.

The partnership aims to support Ford's Driving Skills for Life (DSFL), the national driver education programme for young motorists.

Mark Ovenden, chairman and managing director at Ford of Britain, said: "We're committed to helping young people drive more safely on our roads. This insurance offer from Marmalade not only makes owning a brand new Ford more attainable, it brings with it all the advantages of the latest active and passive safety systems fitted as standard to our cars."

Crispin Moger, CEO at Marmalade, added: "Ford is the ideal partner for us with its commitment to the safety of young drivers. We are passionate about keeping young drivers safe and thanks to our intelligent black box technology have a strong track record of doing so. This new partnership will provide many more young people with a safe and affordable means to get on the road in great Ford cars."

by: Sophie Williamson-Stothert