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In the latest Euro NCAP safety tests, the Ford Mondeo was awarded an impressive five-star rating.
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Ford Mondeo Receives Five Stars In Latest Safety Tests

Ford Mondeo Receives Five Stars In Latest Safety Tests

In the latest Euro NCAP safety tests, the Ford Mondeo was awarded an impressive five-star rating.

The Euro NCAP safety test features rigorous assessments to determine how well vehicles perform in certain crash scenarios (frontal, rear and side tests) regarding the safety of the passengers. Areas of the vehicle that are assessed include Adult Occupant Protection, Child Occupant Protection, Vulnerable Road User Protection and Safety Assist features. 

The overall scores for each area for the Mondeo were:

Adult Occupant Protection: 96%
Child Occupant Protection: 87%
Vulnerable Road Users: 70%
Safety Assist: 73%

Let’s review these scores in more depth.

Adult Occupation Protection

The Ford Mondeo coped well in the frontal offset test, with the passenger compartment remaining stable and the driver and passenger receiving good protection, especially in the leg area.

Full marks were awarded in both side barrier tests, including the more severe assessment, due to all critical areas of the body being protected well.

Finally, whiplash injuries were also assessed. The head restraints and front seats provided good protection if the vehicle was to be hit from behind, whilst the back seats also provided good protection from whiplash injuries.

Furthermore, the AEB system, which is installed in the Mondeo, enhanced the safety from whiplash injuries by performing well at low speeds, which is the most common driving situation in which whiplash injuries happen.

Child Occupation Protection

All critical body areas of the 10-year-old and 6-year-old dummy were protected well in both the front and side crash tests.

Furthermore, a rearward-facing child seat can be placed in the front because the front airbag can be disabled. The Mondeo can also accommodate child restraints that are compatible with the model, allowing for a secure instalment.

Vulnerable Road Users

Predominately, the bonnet protected pedestrians well in an event of an accident. The only poor areas of the bonnet were the stiff windscreen pillars. This was similar to the bumper. For pedestrians’ legs, the bumper protected them well, however it was poor for the pelvis area.

As previously mentioned, the Ford Mondeo features an AEB system, which helps to detect vulnerable road users, including cyclists, pedestrians and other vehicles, and performed well in the tests.

Safety Assist

Other safety features included in the Ford Mondeo were also acknowledged and these included:

- Seatbelt Reminder System
- Lane Assist
- Speed Assistance System

Finally, the AEB system was tested to see how well it performed when other vehicles were driving at faster speeds, and the results highlighted adequate performance.

Watch the Euro NCAP Crash and Safety Tests of the Mondeo