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The rebrand sees a new name for the club, and the start of a new journey, announced by owners Steve and Alison Timoney
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Glasgow Rocks Undergo Transformation to The Caledonia Gladiators

Glasgow Rocks Undergo Transformation to The Caledonia Gladiators

The rebrand sees a new name for the club, and the start of a new journey, announced by owners Steve and Alison Timoney.

Glasgow Rocks has a relatively young history, with the Scottish basketball club being formed in 1998.

Recently, the club have decided to undergo a complete rebrand, changing their name to the Caledonia Gladiators, it was announced on September 21.

The move comes ahead of the club’s successful pre-season, where the rebrand will allow them to progress in the BBL championships with a single brand for both male and female athletes, encouraging equal access and opportunities for all.

Though this isn’t the first time the club have changed their name - previous names include the original Edinburgh Rocks (1998) the Scottish Rocks (2002), as well as the former Glasgow Rocks (2009).

The club’s new look, however, is one that will come gradually as the previous brand image of Glasgow Rocks will remain alongside the new Caledonia Gladiators before it is replaced fully.

In a statement released on the club’s website, owners Steve and Alison Timoney explained:

“The rebranding experts would advise to shut down all social media, work the changes and relaunch the new brand in its entirety and that is normally how these kinds of changes are handled.

However, we decided to allow the Glasgow Rocks to slowly evolve into the Caledonia Gladiators brand as we heralded in the changes taking care to preserve all historical content.

This will allow fans to see both brands together for a period of time before the Glasgow Rocks name takes its rightful place in our hall of fame, allowing Caledonia Gladiators to carry the mantle into a new future.

This new future is starting to unfold as both male and female Gladiators get equal billing and provide each other support and encouragement in a way that has never been done.”

With the help of the new campaign #KnowOurName, fans will be slowly introduced into the next era for the Caledonia Gladiators, as they shoot for success and aim for a memorable season not just for the teams, but the wider community with their youth development programs.

Drawing on the exciting times ahead to come, the statement ends:

“Our teams are ready, we are ready and we would encourage our fans to get ready.  Ahead lies a new season, a new identity, a new future, and a new home for our Gladiators which will allow our club to be fierce competitors in British and ultimately European Basketball. Let’s get behind our teams with the strongest and loudest support in the UK!”.

We look forward to continuing our support for the new Caledonia Gladiators, as they continue to revolutionise and develop the club and wish them every success in the next season!

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