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Hyundai launched short-form comedy film to showcase new models

Hyundai launched short-form comedy film to showcase new models

Hyundai has launched a new short-form comedy film featuring Kelly Brook and Tom Stourton to promote the next generation i20 hatchback and i20 Coupe.

This will be the fifth episode of the 'Honest Series', which features hapless Hyundai car salesman, George who has to deal with some difficult customers: this time a feuding couple who can't agree over anything, let alone whether they want the i20 or the i20 Coupe.

Model, TV presenter and actress Kelly Brook, and actor and comedian Tom Stourton  known for his role in BBC Three Sitcom 'Siblings'  play the awkward couple. This pairs' on-screen chemistry turns out to offer far more than viewers expect.

The series of films have been created and produced by Red Bee and designed to deliver engaging content with inherent social media currency  as well as showing off Hyundai's model range, whilst upping the ante of the comedy.

Ollie Parsons, writer and director, explained: "We treated this series like a sitcom  not an ad - writing and producing it as you would any other TV comedy. This isn't only about making the audience laugh; it is also about quickly engaging them with the story and establishing the characters."

Adam Nickson, head of brand strategy and communications, said: "We wanted to push the boundaries with this new film and to entertain our audience. The latest episode, featuring arguing couple Kelly Brook and Tom Stourton, plays out a situation that many consumers may be able to relate to - we just took things that one step further."

He added: "Laughter has long been known for its benefits to health and happiness but it's also a great way of building positive social relationships and that's precisely what we hope to achieve with this series."

This campaign is part of Hyundai's comprehensive digital strategy that addresses the demands of today's connected customers.

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by: Sophie Williamson-Stothert