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The world’s best-selling two-seater sports car has received the title every year since its launch.
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Mazda MX-5 Exclusive-Line Roadster Wins Best Sports Car for Value

Mazda MX-5 Exclusive-Line Roadster Wins Best Sports Car for Value

The world’s best-selling two-seater sports car has received the title every year since its launch.

The 1.5-litre (132ps) Skyactiv-G Mazda MX-5 Exclusive-Line Roadster was announced as the ‘Best Sports Car for Value’ in the 2023 What Car? Awards. This fourth-generation iconic sports car has won the coveted title every year since 2015.

Mazda UK Managing Director, Jeremy Thomson, commented on the win:

“When it comes to driver engagement, the current generation MX-5 has already established itself as a benchmark sports car, and with the 2023 Mazda MX-5 we continue to offer one of the most exciting and satisfying to drive cars money can buy. So, it’s great that the Mazda MX-5 continues its unbroken streak of winning awards from What Car?”

“The MX-5 is a sports car that has resonated with enthusiastic British drivers ever since its debut and remains true to the original principle of being an affordable, lightweight and above all fun-to-drive roadster, something that stands out even more in a marketplace where fewer and fewer true affordable driver’s cars are being launched.”

“The MX-5 is Mazda’s brand icon, and it embodies all that is great about our products. Its fun to drive character, has strengthened the bond between Mazda and its customers for more than 30 years - and the 2023 model continues this unswerving dedication to delivering an affordable, engaging, world-class sports car.”

Steve Huntingford, Editor of What Car? also said:

“Nothing else for this kind of money gives you the true sports car experience. The MX-5 puts you in control of a peppy, responsive little engine that’s attached to one of the nicest manual gearboxes in the business.”

“Meanwhile, the well-weighted steering serves up lots of feedback, and the suspension is firm enough for tidy cornering but won’t break your back when you’re ambling along.”

The Mazda MX-5 was first presented at the 1989 Chicago Motors Show and has since been one of the most-sold vehicles by the Japanese manufacturer. The MX-5 represents the popular Jinba Ittai ethos meaning ‘car-and-driver as one’. The world’s best-selling two-seater sports car combines affordability and driving enjoyment in a stylish package.

Over 24,000 fourth-generation MX-5 sports cars have been sold since it was launched in the UK in 2015. The latest 2023 Mazda MX-5 range is available to order now from your local Macklin Motors dealership.

The Mazda MX-5 Roadster

Mazda Roadster is available in 1.5-litre (132ps) and 2.0-litre (184ps) Skyactiv-G petrol engines. The 2023 model of this popular sports car has a choice of Prime-Line and Exclusive-Line grades with a 1.5-litre engine. The 2.0-litre (184ps) Skyactiv-G engine of the Roadster is available in Exclusive-Line and superb Homura grade.

The MX-5 Roadster has excellent driving dynamics, ensuring agile handling on every journey. Impressive performance is achieved with an engine redline of 7,500rpm with impressive and immediate torque availability.

All MX-5 models are equipped with Kinematic Posture Control, which increases the car's stability in corners. This does not impact the handling but presses the car body down, providing improved cornering.

The six-speed gearbox and the light structure of the sports car also ensure that the driving experience is enjoyable and fun.

The body is available in several elegant colours, such as iconic Soul Red Crystal or a new Zircon Sand. The exterior design stands out thanks to its distinctive flowing lines, energetic 17” alloy wheels and sporty proportions.

The driver-centric cabin has been designed to keep the driver connected to the outside world with Mazda Connect. The 7-inch multimedia screen includes everything from navigation to entertainment, readily displayed at your eye level.

Connect your phone with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to access maps and messages, plus make phone calls using voice commands.

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