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The French manufacturer will unveil its new SUV model, expected to be available in three electric powertrains.
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New PEUGEOT 3008 Will Be Launched In 2023

New PEUGEOT 3008 Will Be Launched In 2023

The French manufacturer will unveil its new SUV model, expected to be available in three electric powertrains.

The all-new PEUGEOT e-3008 will be revealed in 2023. This car has been one of the most popular choices within the highly competitive SUV market.

The French manufacturer has disclosed that the new 3008 model will be available in three electric powertrains and dual-motor all-wheel drive. A diesel option will not be offered as they are fully removed from the PEUGEOT range.

The selection of engines is expected to include a powerful fully electric option as well as a rechargeable hybrid with 225bhp or 300bhp with all-wheel drive. The hybrid engine has been rumoured to offer up to 40 miles with zero emissions.

The first trim level is expected to be an updated turbocharged 1.2-litre PureTech petrol engine. Also, a 48-volt mild-hybrid system is likely to be included with the entry-level option, improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.

Offering up to 435 miles of fully electrified range, the PEUGEOT E-3008 has been confirmed to use a technical STLA Medium platform offering a longer range.

The French manufacturer has also suggested that the new EV may include a rapid charger, enabling the driver to charge 20 miles per minute.

New stylish design

The new design of the SUV is expected to offer a raised driving position as well as a sleeker roofline. The 3008 previous models have a strong drag at the rear end, and the new model is expected to improve the overall look.

The company aims to make its SUVs more aerodynamic and avoid flat-fronted silhouettes to ensure that future models stand out.

PEUGEOT has said that the new upcoming models will not be boring and uniform, but interesting and the customer should be able to tell the models apart.

The manufacturer aims to design all the upcoming models based on key fundamentals: freedom of body style, new design language perspectives, re-thought interiors as well as innovative cockpit and infotainment systems.

It can be expected that the change in design is not as radical as PEUGEOT’s Inception concept car, but significant changes in the looks of the 3008 can be predicted.

PEUGEOT’s Future is Electric

The French manufacturer has recently announced its E-LION PROJECT, including offering only electrified powertrains from 2023. PEUGEOT currently has the widest choice of electrified vehicles in Europe, and it aims to sell only models with an electric battery by 2030.

The CEO of Peugeot, Linda Jackson, commented on the future of Peugeot:

“E -LION PROJECT will define PEUGEOT’s strategy as an EV brand and ensure we stay connected to the pulse of society to deliver mobility that lives up to our brand values.”

“Carbon net zero, is not three words, it's a mindset, an approach, one that we all need to embrace as organisations AND as individuals.”

“Equally the E-LION Project is not a strategy and a ppt deck. This is a project that we are committed to delivering on because it is critically important for us and future generations.”

PEUGEOT is expected to launch five new fully electric vehicles within the next two years. These include the upcoming E-3008 as well as E-308, E-308 SW and E-5008.

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