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The iconic Nissan LEAF has received high praise for its role in popularising EVs. Read on to learn more.
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Nissan LEAF Takes WhichEV Lifetime Achievement Award

Nissan LEAF Takes WhichEV Lifetime Achievement Award

The iconic Nissan LEAF has received high praise for its role in popularising EVs. The all-electric hatchback recently received the Lifetime Achievement Award from WhichEV.

The LEAF took to our streets over ten years ago – at the time, Nissan’s electric approach was considered courageous. However, in today’s market, most manufacturers offer an electrified model. The LEAF can therefore take credit for paving the way for mass-market electric vehicles.

James Morris, Editor of WhichEV stated: “The Nissan Leaf should be commended for all it has done for EVs over its 12 years (so far). It’s a true legend.”

Since 2010, more than half a million Nissan LEAF models have been sold globally and more than 56,000 have been sold in the UK. Now in its third generation, it continues to provide customers with a practical, comfortable and extremely efficient motoring option.

Nic Thomas, Marketing Director, Nissan Motor (GB) commented: “The pioneer of mass-market EVs, LEAF represents so much to Nissan; not only does it mark the start of our electrification journey, but it is also a fantastic success story that remains incredibly popular for both new and used car buyers around the UK.

“Nissan continues to invest in electrification and the future of mobility. LEAF maintains an important position in our line up, but we are also incredibly excited by our new electrified technology in e-POWER and e-4ORCE as well as our newest fully electric model, ARIYA.

“Across Europe, we are targeting a 75% electrified sales mix by 2026 which indicates our ongoing commitment and focus on electric vehicles. We are proud to be at the forefront of electric mobility and this award highlights how significant LEAF’s role has been, not just to Nissan but the entire industry.”

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