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Nissan Presents: 'The Five Elements of Adventure'

Nissan Presents: 'The Five Elements of Adventure'

To celebrate the adventurous spirit of Nissan's X-Trail, the auto manufacturer has created 'The Five Elements of Adventure', a stunning documentary set in the extreme and surreal landscape of Nepal.

The film will be available to stream throughout April 2015 exclusively to Vimeo On Demand, which will be available to download free of charge using the code NISSAN.

Adapted from the book 'Adventure in Everything', the film brings to life the work of world-class mountaineer, psychologist and author, Matt Walker as he joins four fellow adventurers from across Europe on an incredible journey of adventure and personal awakening.

The beautiful cinematography and insightful storytelling provide an inspiring exploration of the 'Five Elements of Adventure': Adventure = -O [UO + P + M + C] (Out of the Ordinary, Uncertain Outcome, Passion, Mindfulness, Companionship).

This 'adventure formula' draws from the pivotal moments in Walker's own life and the insights gleaned from the hundreds of people he has led on his expeditions.

He explains: "Embracing adventure can help us to build the skills we need to cope with the demands of daily life, and help us all to feel more confident and empowered."

Following the first month of release, the documentary will be available to download and own for a cost of £6.99 and to rent for a cost of £1.99.

The new Nissan X-Trail combines SUV heritage with the premium design and technology inspired by the brand's ground-breaking crossover models. Together they create a car that continues to redefine the vehicle market across Europe.

Chloe Haywood

by: Vertu Editorial