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Peugeot's 108 city car extends customer choice

Peugeot's 108 city car extends customer choice

Helping to provide customers with more choice for their money, Peugeot's 108 city car is now available with Active City Brake and Lane Departure Warning systems as an option on Allure and Feline models.

Active City Brake alerts the driver to a possible collision when travelling at less than 20mph and, if necessary, operates the emergency brake to completely avoid shunt situations or reduce the severity of an accident in the event that the driver does not react in time.

Meanwhile, Lane Departure Warning, activated at 31mph, judges the position of the vehicle in relation to the lines on major roads, alerting the driver via sound and dashboard light should the lines be crossed.

New Euro6 compliant engines are also introduced as a direct replacement for previous engines at no increase in cost to the customer, bringing greater efficiency. These include the 1.0-litre 68hp, which emits just 95g/km of CO2, the 1.0-litre 2-Tronic 68hp, which produces 97g/km of CO2, And the 1.2-litre PureTech 82hp, which emits 99g/km of CO2 emissions.

Eight vibrant body colours are available, including the all-new metallic 'French Blue' paint. Customers are encouraged to design a car to fit their individual style so, to help them find their niche, there are a range of choices available, including five interior ambiences and seven personalisation themes. In addition to the eight body colours available, six new two-tone body colours are now available on both three- and five-door models.

by: Sophie Williamson-Stothert