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Selling your car has never been simpler with Macklin Motors. Plus, you'll receive your payment quickly and safely.
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Selling Your Car: How Does It Work?

Selling Your Car: How Does It Work?

Selling your car can feel like quite a task at times, but with Macklin Motors, it’s never been simpler, and you will have peace of mind that you’ll be paid quickly and securely.

  • You can sell your car to us in three simple steps
  • We'll offer you a fair and competitive price
  • Learn how we can help you


In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about the payment process when you choose to sell your car to us, including when you’ll receive your payment and how we keep your data safe.

Read on to find out more.


How much is my car worth?

This depends on a number of factors, including the condition of your vehicle and its current mileage. Once you have completed your free online valuation and provided us with the necessary information, we will calculate the value of your car. We use a sophisticated algorithm that anaylses over 500,00 used cars for sale to generate a valuation that is competitive and trustworthy.

Next, we just need to take a look at your car in person to check everything over. One of our friendly experts will carry out an inspection on your vehicle, to ensure the condition matches the information provided in the valuation. 

If we’re happy that the vehicle is in the condition that was originally stated, and you’re happy with the price, you’ll receive the amount that we valued your car for.


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When will I receive payment?

After you have received your valuation, we will ask you to book an appointment at your local dealership and arrange for the vehicle to be brought down so we can carry out an inspection.

If you decide you’d like to go ahead with the sale, we can then begin processing all the necessary paperwork. You’ll receive your payment via BACS transfer shortly after.


How long does it take for the money to clear?

Payment will be made via a BACS transfer, which will arrive in your bank account in 3-5 working days.


Is the payment process secure?

When you choose to sell your car with Macklin Motors, you’re guaranteed the most professional service.

Payment is made via a BACS transfer for added security and we follow GDPR regulations to ensure the security of your details.

For more information about selling your car or to start your valuation, visit our Sell My Car page to get started or head over to our Newsroom for more great tips.

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