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Toyota GB have pulled together some actionable advice to help drivers get the most from their cars. Armed with this information, motorists will be able to improve their fuel efficiency and travel further for less.
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Toyota's Top Tips for Fuel Efficiency

Toyota's Top Tips for Fuel Efficiency

Toyota GB have pulled together some actionable advice to help drivers get the most from their cars. Armed with this information, motorists will be able to improve their fuel efficiency and travel further for less.

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How to improve your fuel efficiency – for every driver

1. Empty your boot

We are all guilty of accumulating bits and bobs in our boots over time. Clearing out unnecessary items will make your car’s load much lighter and will give it economy boost!

2. Check your tyre pressure

Ensuring your tyres are optimally inflated will reduce your rolling resistance on the road, meaning your car won’t have to work as hard to grip the surface. You can find the correct tyre pressures for your car in your owner’s manual, and you can use a tyre pressure gauge to check the measurements.

If you need a hand, pop into your local dealership and a member of our team will happily assist!

3. Think ahead

By planning your journeys in advance, you may be able to find alternative routes that will avoid heavy traffic, or busy times on the road. No one enjoys sitting still in traffic, and it will waste fuel too!

Of course, this isn’t always possible if you have to travel during rush hour for example, but it’s worth thinking about if you have a bit more flexibility.

4. Drive smart

Trying to maintain a steady speed rather than doing bursts of sudden acceleration and braking will improve your overall fuel economy. Plus, it makes for a much more relaxing driving experience too.

The team at Toyota have also compiled some hybrid specific tips, which we’ve outlined below.

Toyota Corolla Hybrid

How to improve your fuel economy – for hybrid drivers

1. Wise up

Familiarise yourself with the hybrid information system on your vehicle to make sure you understand what is being communicated to you. You’ll be able to gauge how much energy is being used at any one time and can manage the level of battery charge.

2. Harvest energy

When you slow down and brake, your vehicle will capture lost energy via its regenerative braking system – this will boost your battery charge. By braking smoothly, you will regenerate more power which will allow your car to run on pure electric power for longer.

3. Explore driving modes

Your hybrid car will have a number of driving modes, which allow you to tailor the way your car drives depending on the conditions. These modes are typically: Normal, EV, Eco, and Power.

- When you start up, you’ll be in ‘Normal’ mode by default. This will automatically manage the balance of engine and battery power and is a great standard for everyday driving.

- ‘EV’ mode will ensure your car is only being powered by the battery, producing zero tailpipe emissions. This mode is ideal for urban driving.

- ‘Eco’ mode will reduce various vehicle outputs and adjust throttle response for a smoother drive. This mode is great for motorway cruising.

- ‘Power’ mode will use the battery and engine to boost acceleration. This is useful in high performance scenarios, or those that require a swift surge of energy.

If you’d like to improve your fuel consumption you can toggle between these modes to get the most from your vehicle depending on the circumstance.

4. Use electric power

Where possible, try and use battery power. When navigating city streets, putting the car in full EV mode is a great way to reduce your fuel consumption, without making any major changes to the way you drive.

5. Use technology to your advantage

If you’re driving a Toyota car, install the MyT app for your smartphone. It has a handy hybrid coaching function that gives you feedback at the end of each journey. This will allow you to improve your driving scores every time you get behind the wheel.

Toyota Rav4 Hybrid

We hope these tips can help you get even more out of your car – whether it’s traditionally powered or hybrid! Keep an eye on our Newsroom for more motoring tips and advice - or follow the links below for more information.

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