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Vauxhall Future Models

All-New Vauxhall Frontera

Vauxhall’s Frontera is back with a buzz – not a bang – with a new design and all-electric powertrain. Now in the form of an electric SUV, the new Frontera is making more than the average comeback.

With a 100% electric powertrain, it will take you further than ever before, while producing zero tailpipe emissions. Inspired by the brand’s Bold & Pure design philosophy, the new Frontera will feature rugged SUV styling and versatile features.

From the signature Vauxhall Vizor to a sleek, detoxed interior packed with technology. The new Frontera will be its greatest version yet. Its spacious interior will welcome all families onboard for adventures both near and far.

The best part? It’s more affordable than you thought. Watch this space for more information on the All-New Vauxhall Frontera.

Vauxhall Experimental

Taking electric Vauxhalls to a whole new level – it’s the Vauxhall Experimental. A 100% electric concept car that might just pave the way for the future.

Expect a sleek, bold design that dares to be different. From seamlessly integrated 180-degree cameras instead of wing mirrors to three-zone Ronal wheels. Combining striking exterior lighting with stunning graphics, it’s as much a work of art as it is an electric crossover.

With a smooth, sculpted exterior and muscular wheel arches, it makes a sporty yet elegant statement. The next-generation 4D Vauxhall Vizor adds a special touch, while housing sensors, radar and more.

Primed to perform, the electric crossover features front and rear aero-flaps and an adaptable rear diffuser. The tyres also feature recyclable rubber for increased efficiency and aerodynamics. Inside, the spacious yet compact interior defies expectations. Highlights include a foldable steering wheel and 3D mesh-technology fabrics.

The Vauxhall Experimental boasts a digitally detoxed experience with the slim Tech Bridge. This uses augmented projection technology and AI voice control to provide a clean, clutter-free set-up. Because less truly is more.

Built to inspire, the Vauxhall Experimental marks the beginning of a new journey for the brand. Are you coming along for the ride?

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