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COVID-19 at Macklin Motors

Motability - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still submit an application?

Yes! If our showroom is closed to visitors, Motability have confirmed that they will support remote applications (we can help you with this). If our showrooms are open to visitors, then you would need to visit and submit the application in person, in the usual way.

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Can I collect my car safely?

Yes! 'click and collect' handovers can take place in a specially designated, covid-safe handover bay, subject to local or national restrictions. We have stringent covid safety measures in place, but if you'd still prefer not to collect your vehicle in person, a nominated driver can collect on your behalf, with your permission.

All handovers will comply with the latest government Covid-19 safety guidelines, and only if you are comfortable to proceed. If not, then we can make arrangements to complete handover at another date.

What if I go over my mileage?

The mileage allowance is 60,000 miles over a 3-year agreement. However, if a lease is extended the total mileage will be extended proportionally. So, for the 6-month extension period you will have another 10,000 mile allowance. Any additional miles will be charged at a cost of 5p per mile. For 5-year agreements, the mileage limit is 100,000 miles.

I've already ordered my next car - does my three-year term start from when I ordered, or does it start when I collect from the retailer?

The 3-year contract starts on the day that you collect your new vehicle.

I have submitted an application - will the handover of my car still go ahead?

Our sales departments have temporarily closed, meaning that we are currently unable to hand over vehicles. If you are already a customer with a car on the Motability Scheme, your lease will automatically be extended for a further six months.

Once the Government restrictions are lifted and we have re-opened, we will be in touch with you to arrange a date for the handover of your new car. Motability have explained to us that there will be a minimum 2-week delay between the end of the lockdown restrictions and the first new car handovers.

If you are not currently a customer on the Scheme and are waiting for your first car to be delivered, this will now be delayed until we are able to open again. We appreciate that this might be difficult for you, however we are not able to hand over any new cars at this time.

What will happen with my Good Condition Bonus?

Motability are planning to pay the Good Condition Bonus on the original lease end date for your car. However, please bear with them as they work to make this process possible while working remotely.

They are introducing an option for customers to receive their Good Condition Bonus by bank transfer, and will contact customers who are eligible with more information on what they need to do to receive the Good Condition Bonus in this way.

You can of course still opt to receive the payment by cheque, although your cheque may take a little longer to arrive than usual. Please do not contact Motability, unless it is at least two months after your Good Condition Bonus was due and you have still not received your cheque.

My usual driver is not able to drive me at the moment, can I add a new driver?

Your lease includes insurance for up to three named drivers, these can be family, friends or carers. If you urgently need to add a new driver, please call RSAM on 0300 037 3737. The driver you wish to add will need to be with you when you call, so RSAM can check their details and add them to the insurance straight away.

The MOT is due on my car, what should I do?

The Government have announced that any MOT's due to expire after Monday 30 March will have an automatic six-month extension.

If your MOT expired before this date, you can call our Response Hotline on 03301 781 821 for assistance. If you are self-isolating you should book the MOT for after the period of self-isolation is over, or ask a named driver to take the vehicle to be tested.

There's a problem with my car - what should I do?

If you have broken down, then you should contact RAC on 0800 73 111 73 for roadside assistance.

For other issues with your vehicle, many of our servicing departments are available to help by appointment only. Please call our Response Hotline on 03301 781 821 to arrange an appointment.

Who can I contact with more questions?

Motability are currently experiencing staff shortages and have limited availability on their phone lines. They have revised opening hours, which are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, but unless your call is extremely urgent, please do not call them at this time. They also have a webchat facility which might be quicker than holding for advisors on the telephone.

Regular news updates will be posted on the Motability website.

*Last updated: 21st April 2020