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We are no stranger to the prospect of the ‘New Year, New Me’ attitude, but how about we take the New Year by storm and focus our energies into something a little bit more achievable?
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5 New Year's Driving Resolutions For 2020

5 New Year's Driving Resolutions For 2020

It’s that time again� We’re officially entering into a new year and it’s time to put the Christmas indulgences of chocolate and alcohol behind us.

We are no stranger to the prospect of the ‘New Year, New Me’ attitude, but how about we take the New Year by storm and focus our energies into something a little bit more achievable?

As we leave the realm of fun and festivities and enter back into the reality that is work and deadlines, let’s set ourselves a target that we can actually meet and makes us feel like we have done that little bit to make a change for the upcoming year ahead of us. That being said, why not take a look at our top driving New Year’s Resolutions to help you on your way.

 1.       Keep your cool

 We have all fallen victim to losing that calm exterior when someone cuts across our lane or brakes suddenly. But my advice to you is to take a deep breath, count to 10 and take the high road. It’s easy to allow ourselves to become irritated by someone else’s poor driving and react by honking our horns, hand gestures, etc. However, this is only more likely to distract you from what is going on around you and could potentially put yourself and other road users at risk. Use the new year to be the bigger person and keep your cool.

 2.         Stick to the speed limits

 We’re all guilty of sometimes exceeding the speed limit, especially when we’re in a rush. However, speed limits play a vital part in road safety and are there to protect us from causing potential harm to ourselves and other road users. Let’s use this year to make positive changes by making a conscious effort to stick to the speed limits, even if we’re running a little late! This can easily be done by getting up out of bed that little bit earlier or planning your route prior to your journey.

 3.         Decrease your fuel consumption

 Not only is saving fuel good for the environment but also has many other benefits, for instance, reducing fuel costs and making it that much easier to wait till your next payday! There are many ways to increase fuel efficiency and decrease your fuel consumption, including, driving smoothly, carpooling and losing unnecessary weight. Driving erratically or aggressively can result in using 60% more fuel, however, this can easily be avoided by making a few simple adjustments, such as pulling away from lights smoothly, braking gently and slowing down in good time to avoid unnecessary braking. Carpooling can be a fun way to build relationships with your work colleagues, not to mention not having to fight for the last space in the car park or the best part� CARPOOL KARAOKE!

 4.       Care for your car

 We all feel a little run down sometimes and look forward to our self-care days at the spa to release stress and rejuvenate ourselves, so why not do the same thing for your car? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about mud baths or face masks. I’m simply talking about keeping up with maintenance and regularly checking your engine oil and water levels, just to make sure your car has everything it needs to run smoothly. If you’re at fault of neglecting your car, make it a New Year’s resolution to make regular checks and make sure everything is in order, even just checking the wear and tear of your tyres is an important step when it comes to taking care of your car.

 5.       Upgrade Your Car

Lastly, why not take advantage of 2020 and treat yourself to an upgrade. We’re fully aware of the financial drain from Christmas, however, we have a variety of deals that can assist you in finding your new vehicle and our January sale may be the perfect way to do so. ‘New Year, New Car’ is the new motto. So, why not head over to our website and browse our vast range of new and used cars. Simply go to https://www.macklinmotors.co.uk/ and find the PERFECT car for you!

Happy New Year and happy car hunting!