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New Peugeot 308 GTi launched in UK with unusual race

New Peugeot 308 GTi launched in UK with unusual race

Peugeot has launched its new 308 GTi in the UK with a splash.

The performance model was introduced to the UK at Nottingham's national watersports centre with an unusual race  against an F2 Powerboat.

Piloted by Colin Jelf, an F2 champion, the boats boasts an impressive 0  62mph acceleration of 5 seconds, whilst the 308 GTi weighs in at a second slower. However, the GTi had the ability to reach a higher speed, with a 155mph top speed, whilst the powerboat was limited to 126mph due to conditions.

A close race ensued at the 2000m lake, with the Powerboat, accelerating quickly off the start line, very closely matched by the 308 GTi, which was driven by Bradley Philpot, a Peugeot UK Brand Ambassador.

The Powerboat soon reached its terminal velocity, and was limited by surface conditions and wind direction, the GTi just kept accelerating, even on uneven surfaces, demonstrating its high levels of grip.

Find out who wins the race here: