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Adventures and safety go hand in hand, and this isn’t always easy to balance. But we are here to help!
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Safety Tips for Taking Your Dog on a Car Adventure

Safety Tips for Taking Your Dog on a Car Adventure

We’ve put together some hints and tips for making the most of your journey while keeping you and your pooch safe. 

So, what are the laws around taking pets in your car? 

Properly securing your pet is of utmost importance. Both to prevent distraction for yourself and to keep your pet safe when on the move. If you fail to do this, you could face disqualification or points on your licence and/or a fine for driving carelessly. All enough to ruin a perfectly lovely day out with your pet. 

These penalties are easily avoidable: secure your dog adequately before you set off. There are a wide range of handy accessories you can buy online or in a store. Here are a few different types... 

Your dog deserves a seatbelt 

You wouldn’t expect your family, friends or yourself to travel without wearing a seat belt, so why should your dog? Exactly as with a human’s seat belt, a canine harness or seat belt will protect your companion. It will also keep your focus on the road, limiting distractions while driving. There are options for added comfort and extra protection too. 

Safe space creation with a crate

Sometimes our furry loved ones are happiest in their own space. Or maybe you would too! A boot crate bridges this gap, giving your dog a space to stay warm and comfortable while your upholstery is protected from marks and scratches. 

Keep an eye on the temperature 

Temperature affects your dog, more than it would affect you. So, if you’re warm, then your pooch is feeling the effects. Make sure you take plenty of water with you and a receptacle for them to drink from. Keep the car well ventilated and stop for regular walking and fresh air breaks. 

Never leave your dog unattended in the car 

As soon as you’re parked up, let your dog out of the car. Whether you think it’s hot or not, a car is a perfect conductor of heat as it’s made from glass and metal materials. A car can be up to twice as hot inside as it is outside. 

If you have somewhere to be that cannot accommodate a dog, make plans. Ask others to look after your pet for you. A quick trip is not worth the risk for you or your dog. If you see a dog left unattended in a vehicle, call 999. Don’t attempt to access yourself as the police are covered for this, and you are not. You could face criminal damages should you attempt it. 

Ensuring your dog is happy on the journey will make the trip a memorable experience. And, it’s okay if your pooch doesn’t like a road trip. In these cases, it’s best to leave them with a caring companion. 

Are you looking for the ideal car for yourself and your four-legged friend? Contact your local Macklin Motors dealership today and speak to our friendly team for advice and guidance.