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Looking for a car to cater to the whole family, including your pawfect pal? Our top picks for small, medium, and large dogs make sure you're ready for any adventure.
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What Are the Top Cars for Dog Owners?

What Are the Top Cars for Dog Owners?

Not every car is well suited for your pawfect pals! We have put together a selection of the best cars to make sure your canine companion and you get the best car possible.

Much like Goldilocks and her porridge, the perfect car is out there for you and your pooch. We can help you find it!

The best cars for small dogs

If you have a small dog, it doesn’t mean you need to upgrade to an enormous SUV or 4x4 to accommodate your four-legged friend. A car with the right amount of space for maneuvering - turning around, lying down and sitting, that’s all you need. Check out our top picks for small dogs.

SEAT Leon estate

SEAT Leon Estate

A car to suit the whole family – and it’s fun to drive into the bargain. Sporty SEAT has worked hard to make this a fun, good-looking car without compromising on its practicality. The boot’s already large capacity of 620 litres expands to 1,620 litres when folding the rear seats, a perfect amount for your dog and any accessories. The low boot floor and flush lip make for a practical space for even the smallest of pups to be able to navigate.

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Dacia Sandero Stepway

Dacia Sandero Stepway

Dacia is renowned for its practicality at competitive prices, the Sandero Stepway is a perfect example. The interior of the Sandero is ideal for transporting pets – durable materials and easily-to-clean surfaces are everywhere. An accessibly great design, the boot of the Sandero Stepway gives you 328 litres, extending to 1,108 litres when folding the rear seats. Dotted around the cabin are 21 litres worth of extra space to use for accessories, treats and toys.

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Ford Focus estate

Ford Focus Estate

The Ford Focus needs little introduction as one of our country’s best-selling family cars. If possible, the estate version here takes an already practical car to the next level. With a spacious well-designed interior, your family and your pooches will have ample space. The Focus’ boot comes with 575 litres of space, with a hefty 1,620 litres available with the rear seats folded. The boot’s floor is adjustable and can be raised and offer hidden storage or lowered, depending on your needs.

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The best cars for medium dogs

If your dog is a little too big for classic family cars, here are some modern offerings to keep your pooch safe and secure.


Hyundai BAYON

Hyundai Bayon

The Hyundai BAYON while traditionally practical, has a number of clever little additions to make your travel easier with your favourite pawsome pal. Sometimes it’s the small things that really make life easier. We can agree that remote keyless entry would be helpful when handling a boisterous pet. Privacy glass can help keep internal temperatures cool, especially on long journeys. A high centre console helps keep your pooch from climbing into the front seat and becoming a distraction. The boot gives you an excellent 401 litres of space, and 1,205 litres when folding down the rear seats. This is another model offering an adjustable boot floor, which gives you options when organising your boot space.

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Nissan Qashqai

Nissan Qashqai

One of the most popular cars, the Nissan Qashqai, lends itself well to a practical, dog-friendly car. The practical SUV has rear doors that open to 85 degrees along with a wide-opening boot, making access a breeze, no matter where your pooch likes to sit. In the boot, there is a reversible boot floor with a wipe-clean side – ready for those mucky adventure paws! The Qashqai makes the most of its ample space. A 504 litre boot, expanding to 1,441 litres with rear seats folded, should be large enough for most dogs.

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The first EV in our list. The MG ZS EV won the AutoTrader Best Car for Dog Owners Award in 2021 and we can see why! You can get a lot of adventures out of a range of 273 miles, and with a silent electric powertrain, your dog will thank you for the smooth, calming ride. The boot gives you 470 litres of space, with 1,100 litres with rear seats folded – plenty of space for small to medium sized dogs and accessories.

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The best cars for large dogs

If you have a larger dog or a furry family that would give 101 Dalmatians a run for their money, these are the cars for you.


Skoda Karoq

Skoda Karoq

The Skoda Karoq oozes outdoorsy looks but also has the practical features to back it up. Winning the Best Car for Dog Owners in 2020, this mid-sized SUV bagged praise for its safety features, running costs and range of dog-friendly accessories. The boot space starts at a generous 521 litres, increasing to 1,630 litres with the back seats folded. With Varioflex seats, there rear space is customisable and expandable, depending on the different configurations you choose.

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Citroen e-Berlingo

Citroen e-Berlingo

This large electric MPV, the Citroen e-Berlingo is a practical choice, and 174 miles will be plenty to keep your adventure moving. Based on a van chassis, it gives space, practicality and accessibility, but also has the chunky, rugged good looks that come with much of the modern Citroen range. Sliding rear doors make access as easy as it could be. And the electric power train will again be appreciated by all pooches alike. Available in two sizes, M and XL, you have even more choice when it comes to space for your pooch. The M model of the e-Berlingo has a whopping 771 litre boot, extending to 3,500 litres when the back seats are removed. The XL starts with 1,050 litres and increases to a staggering 4,000 litres, the largest offering we have in this line up.

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Peugeot e-Rifter

PEUGEOT e-Rifter

The Peugeot e-Rifter, although giving van looks from the outside, is purpose-built for carrying people – and pets! It’s range of 172 miles is plenty for a daytrip adventure. The practical features the e-Rifter carries are many. Easy folding back seats, wide opening boot with no lip, sliding rear doors, storage galore – this robust vehicle has everything and more that you could want for your four-legged friend. The five-seater of the e-Rifter gives 774 litres of boot space, with the capability of 3,000 litres. The seven-seater comes with 1,050 litres, increasing to 3,500 litres.

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If you need more advice – or to test drive on of the cars with your pooch – contact your local Macklin Motors dealership.

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