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Third Generation Nissan LEAF boast 25% extended range

Third Generation Nissan LEAF boast 25% extended range

Nissan has launched its third generation Nissan LEAF, and with a larger 30kWh battery available in the Acenta and Tekna grades, it promises a 25% extended range and better performance.

Whilst the facelifted model appears to have changed very little from its previous incarnation, it is the extended battery range that Nissan are really shouting about  and we can see why.

155 miles are now possible on just one charge, providing that the driver conducts the vehicle in a responsible manner.

The automatic car provides all of its power instantaneously, and when 'Eco' mode is deactivated, this shows. However, eco-driving is the purpose of the Nissan LEAF and even when the mode is activated, the car is not sluggish, and comfortable accelerates up hills.

Two driving 'gears' are available on the LEAF, 'D' and 'B'. Both regenerate the car's battery, but 'B' more so, by applying more regenerative braking when the accelerator is released.

Another significant upgrade the new LEAF has seen is the replacement of Car Wings with the new Nissan Connect system.

Nissan Connect allows the driver to perform tasks such as pre-warming the car and locating an available EV charger.

Robert Tweedie, Category Manager for Nissan EV commented: "We have introduced the new Nissan Connect system to give the consumer greater functionality and ease of use, and we expect that they will notice a distinct benefit by using it."