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Pair drive a Nissan LEAF 1,652 miles, for free!

Pair drive a Nissan LEAF 1,652 miles, for free!

Two Scottish men have driven from John O'Groats to Lands End and back again, in an epic two-day challenge that cost them nothing!

Taking it in turns to drive their all-electric Nissan LEAF the 1,652 mile route, Chris Ramsey and Jonathan Porterfield completed the challenge without spending a penny on fuel by taking advantage of free publicly available EV charging points along the way.

Many of the charging points that they visited formed part of Ecotricity's Eletric Highway, which is Europe's largest rapid charger network. The LEAF had to be 'refuelled' 33 times along the 'highway', which creates the power using renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power.

The pair are both members of EV enthusiast group Plug in Adventures, which was founded by Chris in 2011. They took on the challenge to highlight availability of electric charge points in the UK and to prove the capability and practicality of electric cars.

Robert Tweedie, EV Manager of Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd praised the pair: "What Chris and Jonathan achieved was pretty extreme but it's yet more proof of the capability, performance and reliability of the Nissan LEAF.

He continued: "There are now free-to-use rapid charge points at 95% of UK service stations and so longer journeys are easily within the range of the LEAF and are much more affordable."

Jonathan added: "The trip went very smoothly and was a lot of fun. I regularly hear from drivers of diesel and petrol cars that say you can't drive far in a LEAF, but of course you can and we've proved it!"