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In response to bad air quality in cities, local councils have introduced Clean Air Zones, Low Emissions Zones and Zero Emissions Zones.
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UK Cities Have Generated Over £418 Million from Clean Air Zone Charges

UK Cities Have Generated Over £418 Million from Clean Air Zone Charges

  • London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone has generated the most revenue in the country
  • Clean Air Zones help citizens to enjoy fresher air
  • There are currently 13 of these zones in the UK
  • Local authorities are required to invest the revenue in improving local transportation


The London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) expanded on 29th of August 2023. The area now covers all London boroughs, and the objective is to drastically improve air quality in London.

Since their introduction, Low Emissions Zones, Clean Air Zones and Zero Emissions Zones in the UK have generated more than £418 million. According to a study by PEUGEOT UK, this is thanks to fees and penalty charges since March 2021.


UK cities tackling polluted air

As of today, the UK currently operates 13 Low Emissions Zones, Clean Air Zones and Zero Emissions Zones. These include nine zones which require drivers to pay a non-compliant entry fee. If a driver fails to pay the fee, they are issued a Penalty Charge Notice.

Based on PEUGEOT’s research, eight zones alone generated £418,501,974 from motorists since the zones’ introduction in March 2021.

The Transport Act 2000 obliges local authorities to re-invest the revenue received from Clean Air Zones into local transport policies. This includes revenue only above the operational costs.


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How do the zones help local areas?

1. Birmingham

The city has earned over £52 million in revenue from its Clean Air Zone. This has been invested in hydrogen bus trials, refurbishment of train stations and the development of cycle lanes.

2. Bristol

The surplus revenue Bristol council gained from its Clean Air Zone has been used to provide grants. These aim to help businesses and individuals to replace older, more polluting vehicles.

3. Oxford

In just over a year and a half, the city of Oxford has earned £779,306 with its Zero Emissions Zone. Vehicles which do not meet the emissions standards are required to pay an entry fee when entering the zone.

4. London Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ)

Most of the income from these zones has come from London. Thanks to fees and fines issued, it has generated £319,822,943 since October 2021. All net revenue received is reinvested in London’s transport network. Read more information on how the money is used in London.

The city is helping its citizens to switch to electrified vehicles. All Londoners in the 32 boroughs can apply to scrap their car for £2,000. The city has arranged a £110 million scrapping scheme to help people make the change sustainably.


Cities’ charging criteria

All cities have different criteria as to what type of vehicles are being charged within their zones. A few examples are:


All diesel vehicles must meet the latest Euro 6 emission standards. Meanwhile, all petrol vehicles must meet Euro 4 standards. If models do not meet the set standards, they must pay a fee to drive within the ULEZ.


Private cars can enter the Clean Air Zone without paying a fee. However, all vans, HGVs and private hire vehicles must meet the required standards, or they will pay the entry charges.


Scotland has yet to start charging regular passenger vehicles. Cities beginning to charge fees in the Low Emissions Zones include Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Any vehicle not meeting the set emission standards is banned from entering the zone unless able to pay a fee.




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For those looking to buy a ULEZ-compliant model, PEUGEOT offers an e-Grant. This allows you to save £3,000 on the brand’s all-electric models e-208 and e-2008. Adding to London’s scrapping scheme, customers can enjoy total savings of up to £5,000.

Managing Director of PEUGEOT UK, Adam Wood, commented:

“Local authorities are turning their focus to improving urban air quality with 13 Clean Air Zones now in place across the UK.”

“To help drivers avoid charges and reduce emissions in our urban centres, PEUGEOT has introduced a new e-Grant, offering customers a £3,000 saving on the new, all-electric e-208 and E-2008.”


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