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Why Motability Customers Should Choose Macklin Motors

Why Motability Customers Should Choose Macklin Motors

At Macklin Motors, we don’t have a #motabilitymonday or #motabilitymonth, because we believe in #motabilityeveryday.

From offering an award-winning service to being able to give you access to a great range of vehicles, here’s why you should choose Macklin Motors to help you find your next Motability car.


At Macklin Motors, we have been acknowledged for our fantastic Motability service over the years. This includes our Ford Hamilton and Ford Dunfermline dealerships being recognised for their exceptional service, as well as Peugeot Paisley and Nissan Glasgow South.

The Motability Scheme has a dealer network of 5,000 across the UK, and it hasn’t just been our individual dealerships that have been recognised, but also the company as a whole, achieving three Motability national awardswhich are huge achievements.

One of the Largest Car Retailers

Macklin Motors is also one of the largest car retailers in the UK, which enables you access to a wide variety of vehicles. This lets you find the perfect car that suits your needs and, importantly, allows you to find a car you like!

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Bristol Street Versa is our sister company, which enables you access to Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs). Here, you will still experience the same high level of customer service, as well as a nationwide service, giving you access to a range of WAVs.  

Quality Customer Service

The beauty of our Customer Service Team is not only will they provide you with exceptional service, guidance and help, but they are also available 7 days a week, giving you peace of mind that if you need to get in touch, you can!


No matter what assistance is required, we will always accommodate you. For example, if you struggle with noisy environments, we will make sure to find a suitable, quiet area to discuss your options.

Our goal is to provide an exceptional service that puts you and your needs first, making sure we are there for you all the time.

For more information about the Motability Scheme, click here.

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